Ariana Grande Should Guest Host MTV’s Catfish According to Show Creator

Catfish Nev Schulman

Catfish host and creator, Nev Shulman, invites Ariana Grande to be a co-host on the MTV reality show. Based on the documentary of the same name that focused on the riskiness of online dating, Catfish has been airing on MTV since 2012, and the show's popularity has earned plenty of viewers over the years - including Ariana Grande.

After Nev's co-host Max Joseph left the show last year to pursue filmmaking full-time, Nev has been on the lookout for a potential replacement. In the meantime, fans have been waiting to see who Nev will ultimately choose for his new co-host when Catfish returns for another season. As it so happens, one possible replacement could turn out to be pop star Ariana Grande - who happens to be a serious fan of the show - seeing as Nev thinks that she would be a great fit.

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While leaving Los Angeles International Airport, TMZ approached Nev and asked who his ideal celebrity guest co-host for the next season of Catfish would be, and his response was: "Ariana Grande." Nev proceeded to explain the reasoning behind his choice, pointing out that Grande's friends have posted images on social media showing how dedicated she is to the show, as well as the fact that Grande even follows him on Instagram. Nev then addressed Grande personally to the camera, saying, "Fingers crossed, when we start making more episodes, maybe Ariana will do one. I'd love to have you on the show, Ariana."

Grande seemed to be enthusiastic about the prospect, posting a photo on her Instagram story about the Catfish host just a day after Nev told TMZ about her being his dream co-host. She posted a picture that she had taken with Nev (via: arianaigstories), revealing how starstruck she was, with the caption reading: "I'm not ok." However, as exciting as it might be for fans, this isn't any indication that she will, in fact, be co-hosting the show for next season (though, if she did, her appearance would likely have to wait until after her world tour wraps in October 2019).

For someone who's as good a judge of character as Nev, maybe Ariana Grande is the co-host fans of the show never knew they wanted. And, given her apparent dedication to the show, it likely wouldn't be too much of a challenge getting her to acclimate to the format - though she's already had plenty of experience working in television (albeit scripted television) with shows like MTV's Scream Queens and  Nickelodeon's Victorious. Whether or not anything ever actually develops for a potential spot as co-host on Catfish, however, remains to be seen.

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Source: TMZ, arianaigstories

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