'Catching Fire': 5 Good Replacement Directors for the 'Hunger Games' Sequel

The Upside: Rupert Wyatt has experience rejuvenating a beloved series of films. Rise of the Planet of the Apes was enjoyed by critics and moviegoers alike, and the young director ably proved his abilities and showed that a special effects-laden film could be both engaging and exciting.

The Downside: Like many of the directors on this list, Wyatt has little experience to speak of. lists him as the director of three regular movies and a short film. Apes was really good, but does that mean Wyatt is capable of taking on yet another beloved franchise?

The Verdict: Wyatt knows how to create great characters and how to stage an uprising. If the studio is willing to give him Catching Fire, he could further prove his talent as a young filmmaker on the rise.

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