'Catching Fire': 5 Good Replacement Directors for the 'Hunger Games' Sequel

The Upside: Sanders knows what it's like to try to reinvent another person's story. His new film Snow White and the Hunstman seems like an intriguing look at a character (Snow White) that we are already so familiar with. The special effects look exciting and the movie looks incredibly dark and ominous. Maybe Saunders would be the perfect fit for Catching Fire.

The Downside: That being said, few people have seen Snow White and the Huntsman. The trailers are impressive, but the final product remains to be seen. Would Hunger Games fans be willing to give up this important sequel to a director with so little experience?

The Verdict: Sanders could be a great filmmaker and SWATH could be a great film. But right now, it's too soon to judge what he's capable of...

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