'Catching Fire': 5 Good Replacement Directors for the 'Hunger Games' Sequel

The Upside: David Slade has the experience necessary to direct a large-scale blockbuster. He previously brought us The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, so he knows a lot about taking the reins of a major franchise and trying to bring a bestselling-- and beloved--  YA book to life.

The Downside: The Twilight series? Although Eclipse according to Rotten Tomatoes - was more respected by critics than many of the other Twilight films, it still doesn't won't look good to the masses of Hunger Games fans who have no love for Twilight. Nevermind the fact that Slade actually has quality edgier fare like Hard Candy and 30 Days of Night on his resume...

The Verdict: Slade would be a good, but not an outstanding choice. If he was selected, one hopes he would bring the serious substance of Suzanne Collins' books to the screen.

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