'Catching Fire': 5 Good Replacement Directors for the 'Hunger Games' Sequel

The Upside: Debra Granik earned an Oscar nomination for her Winter's Bone screenplay. That film also helped earn Hunger Games star  Jennifer Lawrence an Oscar nod and helped make the little-known actress into a star.  The world of Bones is eerily familiar to some of the districts in The Hunger Games and Granik's earlier work with Lawrence could make this a perfect match-up.

The Downside: Or not. Granik doesn't have the credibility or the experience of Ross, who directed critically-acclaimed films like Pleasantville and Seabiscuit and who wrote the screenplays for Dave and Big. And Bone, while beloved by critics, was as really small movie.  Maybe Fire would be too much, too soon, for the young director.

The Verdict: If she relied on many of the Games' producers, Granik could recreate the world that Ross envisioned, but her short resume may make her ineligible to undertake such a massive project.

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