Catch-22 Full Trailer: A Darkly Funny Look At The Madness Of War

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Joseph Heller’s acclaimed novel Catch-22 is getting the limited series treatment on Hulu, and the full trailer shows just how maddeningly funny the story still is. The satirical anti-war novel was first published in 1961, with a film adaptation coming in 1970 and directed by Mike Nichols (The Graduate). Despite more than half a century having passed since it was first published, it would seem the message of Heller’s work is still as scathing as it was back then, at least that’s what the new trailer seems to suggest.  

It also doesn’t hurt that the limited series is headed up by George Clooney and his writing and directing partner Grant Heslov. In addition to starring in the series, both Clooney and Heslov will each direct two of the series’ six episodes, with Ellen Kuras (The Umbrella Academy) directing the remaining two. Meanwhile, the series is written by Luke Davies (Beautiful Boy) and David Michôd (Animal Kingdom, The Rover). Add that to the cast that includes Hugh Laurie, Kyle Chandler, Christopher Abbott, and Giancarlo Giannini and it would appear that Hulu has a hit on its hands. 

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This new (or full) trailer for the series certainly leans more into the comedy than the first. In addition, Hulu isn’t holding anything back with regard to showing off the impressive cast that’s been assembled and the pleasure of watching as Clooney, Chandler, and Laurie find increasingly funny ways to point out the madness of war. Check out the full trailer for Catch-22 below: 

The trailer’s opening scene between Abbott and Heslov literally spells out the story’s premise, which for anyone who hasn’t read the novel or seen the original film will likely be of some use. The rest of the trailer, meanwhile, is searingly funny ride through a US air squadron in Italy during World War II. And, like all good war stories, Catch-22 has more than its fair share of unique individuals with plenty on their mind they’d like to discuss. The topic most often at hand here is the desire of the pilots (well, Abbott’s John Yosarian) not to die in combat, and the extreme likelihood that they will. 

All in all, Catch-22 is shaping up to be one of the more anticipated new series coming to streaming in May. It also looks as though Hulu is continuing with its recent trend of original content like The Actfeaturing award-winning actors in roles that are more or less unavailable anywhere but on TV. 

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Catch-22 premieres Friday, May 17 exclusively on Hulu.

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