We at Screen Rant like to think we have our finger on the pulse of what is cool, edgy, and fun when it comes to all things TV and movie related. Besides bringing you the latest TV and movie news every day, we also find time to share some movie and TV related items that aren’t quite mainstream but we feel are worthy your attention nonetheless.

Such is the case today with a fantastic video for a Japanese CG animated show call Cat Shit One. Don’t let the semi-vulgar title fool you – the entire show is well written with better dialog than some big budget action films. Essentially, Cat Sh*t One has graphics and military action reminiscent of cut scenes from popular video games like Call of Duty.

Cat Sh*t One is based off a three volume Japanese manga title Apocalypse Meow (groan) which was first published in 1998 – not sure if the name change is a good thing or bad thing. The series follows three Special Forces rabbits, Botasky, Packy and Rats, as they attempt to rescues fellow rabbit civilians from the terrorist camels (let that sink in a moment). The team must hurry though as they get word the enemy has called for help in the form of an inbound helicopter gunship.

Below you will find the English version of the Cat Sh*t One trailer, and if that catches your eye, then be sure to watch the entire first episode after that – but hurry, the free episode will only be available on YouTube until February 22nd, 2011.

Cat Sh*t One Trailer

Cat Sh*t One – Episode One

The show has been around on the internet since 2009 but the original version was entirely in Japanese with no subtitles – so watching it was a chore. Last year, the studio added English subtitles which helped tremendously but because most viewers prefer to watch their TV shows and not read them, the videos never really took off. Now, IDA has taken the time and effort to hire American actors to do an entire English dialogue voice-over track and hopefully this will help Cat Sh*t One go viral.

You can purchase the entire subtitled series on DVD through Amazon or you can check out the official Cat Sh*t One website and purchase it there (I’d brush up on your Japanese though).

Would you watch an entire Cat Shit One TV show on a channel like G4 of FX?

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