Casual Final Season Trailer: Hulu’s Weird, Imperfect Family Says Goodbye

The final season of Hulu’s original series Casual is set to premiere later this month, but before the episodes hit, the streaming service has a new trailer and poster to share. For the past three seasons, the story of Valerie Meyers (Michaela Watkins) and her brother Alex Cole (Tommy Dewey) has been a strangely funny blend of failed romances and self discovery, and as the seasons progressed, so did the show’s ability to deliver a smart, charming, half-hour dramedy. And that series is set to make a time jump into its fourth and final season.

The idea of a time jump might make even the most casual (sorry) of television watchers cringe, but there’s reason to think it might actually be in Casual’s best interest. Season 3 left most of its characters on the verge of tremendous change, with Alex expecting a child with his roommate Rae (Maya Erskine), Leon (Nyasha Hatendi) engaged to his girlfriend (and Valerie’s assistant) Leia (Julie Berman), and Valerie’s daughter Laura (Tara Lynne Barr) planning to spend some time away from her family, to go find herself. 

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As the new trailer demonstrates, there have been some changes. Most notably, Alex and Rae’s child is now a toddler, and Valerie hasn’t seen her daughter in two years. There are plenty more differences to spot, like Alex’s beardless face or Valerie’s dissatisfaction with her professional life, but the trailer keeps the idea of a time jump in the background for the most part. If you’re interested in what the future has in store for Casual check out the synopsis and poster below:

Casual Final Season Poster Hulu

“Season four starts several years in the future, and much has happened since we last saw our characters at the end of season three: Alex and Rae are raising a child, Laura is returning from her time abroad with a new job and serious girlfriend, and Valerie is about to make a big life change of her own. The technology may be streamlined, but the relationships are messier than ever.”

Though the poster looks a tad ominous, with objects falling from the sky and smoke billowing from what looks to be the hood of the car Alex, Tara, and Valerie are sitting (stranded?) in, that’s likely more to do with notion of this being the final season, than it being a sign of the end of everything. Nevertheless, one of Hulu’s most entertaining original series is coming to an end, and now’s a great time to get caught up if you haven’t already. 

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Casual season 4 premiere Wednesday, July 31 on Hulu.

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