What To Expect From Castlevania Season 3

Castlevania Season 3

WARNING: Spoilers for Castlevania season 2.

What's to come in Castlevania season 3. The second season of Netflix’s adaptation of the video game franchise has already received strong reviews and much fan excitement. Picking up the story from season one, the video game adaptation followed Dracula’s continuing plans to exterminate humanity in revenge for the death of his wife, Lisa. Standing in his way were monster hunter Trevor Belmont, magic crafter Sypha Belnades, and his own son, Alucard. Yet his troubles did not end with them, as his own kind threatened to turn against him. By the season finale, the tables had turned and a power vacuum was created by the death of Dracula.

While the Castlevania series is ostensibly based on the third game in the franchise, Dracula’s Curse, Adi Shankar and Warren Ellis’ re-imagining of the iconic Konami games is very free in its changes to the source material. Castlevania has many great stories to take inspiration from across its 32-year history, but it's also a show that's happy to be its own thing, with Ellis himself noting that he did not want to make a point-for-point adaptation.

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All of that makes predicting the actions of Castlevania's third season difficult. Yet the questions raised from the finale of season two offer their own kind of intrigue. We take a look at what viewers could expect from Castlevania season 3.

Castlevania Has Been Renewed For Season 3 (With More Episodes)

Typically, shows have to wait several weeks following their premiere for a new season pick-up, so that Netflix have time to determine whether the show in question was a big enough hit to warrant further episodes. We usually see these announcements happen a month to six weeks after the premiere, as demonstrated with other animated shows like BoJack Horseman and Big Mouth. However, Castlevania seemed to get the seal of approval from the streaming service early.

Richard Armitage, who voices Trevor Belmont, revealed in July that the show was getting ready to start work on its third season. It’s an immense vote of confidence for a series that, while the recipient of strong critical praise, has not always received the same level of headlines as its animated contemporaries. This has been confirmed by Netflix, who have confirmed a longer, ten-episode order.

When Will Castlevania Season 3 Be Released?

Netflix has done a great job in recent years in not only producing new content but renewing it quickly enough to keep to a one year cycle. For example, BoJack Horseman season 4 premiered on September 8, 2017, was renewed on September 21st, and the fifth season premiered on September 14 2018.

Castlevania's first season premiered on July 7, 2017, with the second season was released 15 months later, and that was with twice the episodes. Given that Armitage has already told fans that the third season was in the early stages of production three months before season two even screened, it seems safe to say that Castlevania season 3's new batch of episodes this time next year.

What Will The Story Of Castlevania Season 3 Be?

Castlevania season 2 Dracula death

Castlevania season 2 ended with the seeming death of Dracula at the hands of his own son, Alucard, a big change-up to the status quo. The finale makes it seem like he's gone for good, paving the way for a new villain, although it's possible we'll see the undead return. More likely, though, is for Carmilla to take on the role of big bad, something she's never been given in the games but more than fits in the Netflix show.

Meanwhile, Trevor and Sypha left Alucard at his now stationary castle to go off on new adventures together while the now orphaned dhampir sat alone in his house and dealt with the emotional magnitude of having killed his own father. Having spent most of the season squabbling, the trio came to be unlikely friends after fulfilling their quest. This sets up a new status quo for Castlevania to explore in season 3.

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