Castlevania Renewed For Season 3 At Netflix – With More Episodes

Castlevania has been renewed for season 3 at Netflix, with more episodes this time around. The animated adaptation of the 1989 video game Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse first received hopes for a season 3 renewal back in June, but Netflix has now officially renewed the series for another season that will have more episodes than ever before.

Netflix’s Castlevania follows the story of Trevor Belmont (voiced by Richard Armitage), the last member of his clan who works to save Eastern Europe from the evils of Dracula (Graham McTavish). Season 1 was released back in 2017 and was comprised of only four episodes, while season 2, which released this month, included eight episodes. The series has an increasingly growing fan base, with many turning to it as a shining example of the correct way to adapt a video game for the screen.

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Deadline reports that Netflix has given Castlevania a longer 10-episode, season 3 renewal. While no premiere date for season 3 has been set, Armitage confirmed in the same interview from June that they would begin recording episodes for season 3 soon, which means that they should've already started by now.

Armitage has even raised the possibility of a live-action adaptation for Castlevania in the future. A live-action Castlevania adaptation almost made it off the ground with Paul W.S. Anderson in the director’s seat back in 2005, but it never came into fruition. Instead, the director chose to continue his Resident Evil movie series, which has since become the highest-grossing video game movie franchise out there. Perhaps Netflix’s series and Armitage’s thoughts on a live-action Castlevania will stir up interest in the project once again, especially now that there are more video games being adapted for the big and small screen alike.

Fans of various Netflix series have been waiting with bated breath to hear the fates of their favorite series, as the streaming giant has been putting the axe to several seemingly popular show, including big Marvel series like Iron Fist and Luke Cage in quick succession. However, an exclusive report by Screen Rant this week revealed that both series’ cancellations were likely do to a sharp decline in viewers between their first and second seasons. Considering Castlevania’s popularity and the news of its renewal for more episodes than any previous season before, it’s safe the say that fans of the animated adaptation can rest easy knowing their series isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

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Source: Deadline

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