Netflix's Castlevania Season 2 Has Already Been Green-Lit

Castlevania Netflix Series Screening at Rooster Teeth Animation Festival

Netflix's interpretation of Castlevania has only just premiered but a second season has already been green-lit by the streaming service giant. Best known as an iconic video game series, the Castlevania franchise tells the story of the Belmont family, who are on an eternal mission to rid the world from pesky vampires. The games attracted a legion of loyal followers thanks to their innovative mix of action platforming and adventure exploration, complete with an awesome, classic soundtrack.

The animated series, which premieres on Netflix today (July 7th), is headed up by executive producer Adi Shankar and stars Richard Armitage - best known as Thorin Oakenshield in The Hobbit trilogy - as Trevor Belmont. The debut season consists of four episodes and Shankar has promised plenty of unadulterated action, even going so far as to claim the series will be the first good video game adaptation.

In an interview with CinemaRunner, Adi Shankar confirmed that despite Castlevania only becoming available to stream recently, Netflix have already green-lit a second season. And the good news keeps on coming as apparently the new season will be even longer than the first. Asked whether there was any material he wanted to include but was forced to omit, Shankar replied:

"Well, let’s remember that this is just season one. And not only has season two already been greenlit, but the episode order has been doubled to eight episodes. So the chapter definitely hasn’t fully closed on this story."

Castlevania Netflix Vampire Coffin

The move shows just how much faith Netflix have in the Castlevania project, as such decisions are usually saved until enough time has passed to properly measure the fan response and viewing numbers for the debut season. The doubling of the episode count only strengthens this belief and will ensure that Shankar and the team are able to do even more exciting things, next term.

Understandably of course, many fans of the Castlevania games will approach this series with a sense of trepidation. History has not been kind to video game to screen adaptations, after all, and many were also a little disappointed when it was revealed that the series would be animated rather than live-action.

However considering how much faith Netflix and Shankar have in the project, the series is certainly worth a look - and the promise not to pull any punches on the violence is sure to intrigue hardcore fans. The early green-lighting of season two also perhaps highlights the fact that streaming service is much more willing to invest time and patience in shows than regular TV networks that often cancel a series, if it doesn't immediately impress.

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Castlevania season 1 is streaming on Netflix as of today.

Source: CinemaRunner

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