Castlevania Season 2's Ending Explained

Carmilla Takes Over In Castlevania Season 2's Finale

While the other vampires expressed cynicism over Dracula’s plans, only one of them took the initiative to challenge his authority, and that was a new arrival to season 2: Carmilla. A fan-favorite from the games, taken from the Joseph Sheridan le Fanu book of the same name, Carmilla finds Dracula’s plans untenable and decides the old guard of power could use a shake-up. Through manipulation of new character Hector, she became the new vampire power player and Dracula’s death leaves the door open for her to take over. A third season promises much in the way of her political machinations, as the inter-vampire battles for the top spot continue.

In the games, Carmilla is a favorite frequent villain for players to battle but she is seldom the big boss to defeat. In the Wii game Castlevania Judgment, she is depicted as being completely worshipful of Dracula and as a far more aggressive and provocative figure than she is in the series. She is also revealed to be the reason that the Speaker clan of Sypha Belnades have been persecuted for so long, which could be a fascinating plot thread to pick up in Castlevania season 3. The series’ strength lies in its willingness to pick and choose elements of the source material while retaining the freedom of a unique story, so it’s very likely that Carmilla’s actions in season 3 will have nothing to do with her prior appearances in the games.

Hector and Isaac’s Fates In Castlevania Season 2

Castlevania season 2 introduced two new humans to the fray: The Devil Forgemasters Hector and Isaac. Both men are gifted with the ability to turn the dead into monstrous creatures that will do their bidding, and they chose to align themselves with Dracula and the vampires over their fellow man. Each of them had their own reasons for betraying their own kind, although they are both united in their repulsion at how humanity has ruined the world and saw Dracula’s genocidal schemes as being for the greater good.

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While Isaac remained fervently loyal to Dracula while Carmilla planned to usurp him, Hector fell prey to her lies and aided her in her plans. By the season’s end, Hector was being kept essentially as Carmilla’s slave, to be forced to forge new monsters to serve her as she stepped up her plans for domination of the vampire world. Isaac, however, had been spared a bloody death at the hands of Alucard by Dracula, who sent him to an unknown desert land for his own safety - something Isaac did not appreciate. While in the desert, a band of travellers insulted and tried to imprison him, but Isaac quickly killed them, revived them as his undead army, and set off on a journey, seemingly back to Dracula. In a show that has always held a pretty nihilistic view towards humans, Isaac may be the strongest representation of that.

Hector is a long-time favorite character from the series, having appeared as the protagonist in Castlevania: Curse of Darkness. There, he is portrayed as a former general of Dracula's who left after growing tired of the bloodshed, and his absence is what allows Trevor Belmont the opportunity to kill him. The series keeps his betrayal but it comes at the hands of Carmilla. In the game, he returns to fight Isaac, who killed his fiancée. The series establishes that not only do Hector and Isaac barely tolerate one another but Isaac is far more fervent in his dedication to Dracula than Hector, which could lead to further battles in a third season. Isaac is creating an army to bring with him to Wallachia, presumably to battle on Dracula’s side, while Hector is forcibly on Carmilla’s team helping to forge her an army.

Trevor and Sypha Move On

In Castlevania season 1, Trevor Belmont and Sypha Belnades joined forces more out of necessity than genuine like of one another: Trevor needed a powerful ally and Sypha needed a guide into the world of vampires and monsters. Along with Alucard, the trio became unlikely comrades and true friends, although much of the season hints at a romantic future for Trevor and Sypha. After their defeat of Dracula and his vampire allies, Sypha decided she did not want to return to life as a Speaker with her family and joined forces with Trevor for more adventures. Their ending, in contrast to Alucard’s emotional torment, was decidedly more optimistic, although it’s unclear how long that will last. They have promised to stick together and take on whatever mad adventures come their way, and a new vampire war headed by an evil crueller force than Dracula would certainly fit that bill.

All three characters feature prominently in Castlevania lore. Alucard is the main character in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, widely considered the best Castlevania game ever made and one that is a major visual influence on the series. Trevor and Sypha get married and have a son named Simon (and the series does play up their romantic chemistry, although it does not consummate it). Clearly, there's a lot more for Castlevania to cover in season 3.

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