'Castle Wolfenstein' Movie to be Directed by 'Pulp Fiction' Co-Writer Roger Avary

Wolfenstein Movie Roger Avary

Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds brought audiences a unique alternate universe vision of what World War II could have been. That film, of course, was one of Tarantino's most celebrated and earned actor Christoph Waltz an Academy Award.

Now, Roger Avary – Tarantino's co-writer on Pulp Fiction – is set to bring his own version of WWII to life with his latest project. However, unlike Basterds, Avary's project is actually an adaptation of the video game, Castle of Wolfenstein.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Avary is set to both write and direct a film version of Castle Wolfenstein, the video game series that launched in 1981. Avary's previous directorial efforts include The Rules of Attraction and Killing Zoe, and he is credited with scriptwork on numerous films, including Silent Hill and Beowulf.

Castle Wolfenstein follows a young soldier and British spy who head out to the eponymous castle in search of Hitler but instead must face the Paranormal Division of the SS. The ensuing battle could not only end their lives but, actually change the course of the war in the process. The original video game has inspired several sequels over the years, with the most recent releasing in 2009.

'Castle Wolfenstein'

There's no word yet on exactly which games the Avary version will draw from for its story. However, if the film proves successful, there is plenty of material for sequels. With the right approach, a Wolfenstein franchise could come across as a sort of period-set Resident Evil, though hopefully it would prove more narratively cohesive than that series.

The premise certainly holds tremendous promise, especially if it can capture the sense of over-the-top adventure inherent in the video games themselves. Avary himself says he has played the games since he was a child and credits their "outlandish sensibility" with influencing his own creative approach to writing and directing. Here's hoping that his film delivers a fun, imaginative ride.

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Source: THR

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