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[This is a review of Castle Season 6, Episode 14. There will be SPOILERS.]-

Casual Castle fans who tuned in last Monday may have been a bit put off by the repeat that was aired in lieu of saving "Dressed to Kill" for Sweeps week tonight. And that might very well have been a good move, because not only does the episode live up to the buzz, but it looks like Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Beckett (Stana Katic) could be heading down the aisle as early as this Spring!

But before we talk about what everyone will be talking about for the next two weeks, let's stop to acknowledge that while this case wasn't as pulse-pounding as some of the others this season, it was good in its own right. Sometimes procedurals have a tendency to drop the ball on the case side of things to make way for a character-driven plot. Not so here.

The first good choice made is featuring Frances Fisher as cut-throat fashion magazine editor Miranda King. There may be a bit of a marketing ploy going on here as Fisher also stars in ABC's upcoming series Resurrection, but that's easily forgiven as she brings the grace and class of a theater pro to the small screen - and she's just b****y enough to plant enough doubt that she may have killed her own assistant.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="570"]Castle Season 6 Episode 14 King Frances Fisher in 'Castle'[/caption]

Once that suspicion is cleared away, however, her role shifts and she softens into a kind of surrogate mother to Kate in the dress scene.

From there, the remainder of the crime plot twists and turns in a few different directions until the killer is found. And while he's not heavily featured, it is good to see Rob Estes back on the small screen.

Now to the wedding venue and the dress, because that's where the heart of this episode resides. We've got Martha (Susan Sullivan) blazing the trail for the wedding plans like any good mother-in-law-to-be, while Castle and Beckett do their best to smile and nod. They do get a hot tip on a good venue out of it, though.

However, it's the dress scene featured below that takes the episode to the next level.

Castle Season 6 Episode 14 King Beckett

Fisher is the perfect person to deliver Kate to this moment, and from there, Stana Katic gives one of the most nuanced performances for her character that we've seen to date. She is half happy little girl getting to play dress up, dreaming of what her life is about to become. But then the other half is the grown woman who feels the raw ache of her mother's absence and for a split second is emotionally paralyzed.

Of course we all knew that Matilda would give her the dress in the end, but like Castle, we also steeled ourselves for the declaration that Kate needs more time. Happily for us all, she doesn't, and instead of pining away all summer, might fans be treated to a wedding finale this spring.

You'll have a couple of weeks to speculate as Castle takes next Monday night off.


Castle will return Monday, February 17th with "Smells Like Teen Spirit" @10pm on ABC.

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