'Castle' Season 5, Episode 12: Fathers and Daughters

castle season 5 episode 12 Castle Beckett

While those who enjoy Castle for the steamy scenes between its leads are most likely getting frustrated with a second dose of fairly platonic interactions between the two, those who enjoy a case that pulls at the heartstrings can leave satisfied tonight.

Like last week, we get to watch the victim just minutes before his death at a party. But that's where the similarities end. "Death Gone Crazy" is more concerned with the relationships within the story than with anything else, specifically the father-daughter relationships.

The first father-daughter pair examined is Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Alexis (Molly Quinn). While Googling himself, Castle stumbles across a vlog (video blog) that Alexis has set up, detailing everything in her life from what she's eaten to how she pretends to be shaky on ice skates so that her boy Max will hold her closer. While the case can definitely be made for Castle handling other relationships immaturely, not so when it comes to his little girl. Being out with the cops on the front lines of crime has made Castle all too aware of the dangers of revealing too much of oneself online.

At first, Alexis does the typical young adult flounce away from her dad's presence, but she eventually swallows her pride and heads back to the nest for ice cream sundaes and round two with her dad. This time she approaches the situation from a much more mature perspective. Though after taking in all of Castle's advice, she calmly warns him that, while she understands his perspective, she's still not pulling the plug on her vlog. Castle begrudgingly acknowledges her right to make her own decisions, but not without warning her that he isn't pulling the plug on playing the concerned dad, either. She's okay with that.

The second relationship explored is between Candice Mayfield (Gillian Alexy) and her father. At first, it appears that Miss Mayfield is nothing but an innocent bystander, but the more the team digs, the more they uncover, especially when a sex tape starring her and the late Beau Randoph (Jordan Belfie) is discovered on the deceased's secret SD card.

But this tape wasn't used for blackmail like the team and Beau's bodyguard, Scarlet (Kelly Hu), deduce. Still, it could mean trouble between Candice and her very conservative father, as he's made it his mission to shut down people like Beau and his "College Girls Gone Crazy" parties. Like Castle and Alexis, these two view the world through different lenses and eventually they make peace with that and choose love and understanding over bitterness.

Finally, there is the father-daughter relationship that is only revealed near the end of the episode, yet is the key to understanding the events that lead to Beau's tragic murder. Two months before his death, he discovered that he and Candice would become parents as a result of their one night stand. To Candice's surprise, he had an interest in being a part of their daughter's life, in being a father. For him, it filled a void that he'd been seeking to fill for years and immediately he began to change his lifestyle to prepare for parenthood. He broke up with his girlfriend, inquired about bailing out a struggling manufacturer of children's games, and made plans to shut down his successful enterprise altogether.

Perhaps if he'd been willing to merely sell out his shares in the company to his best friend Troy (Chad Donella) rather than turning over a new leaf, things would've fared better for him. But knowing that you are going to have a daughter changes everything, and for Beau that meant helping to clean up the mess he'd made by shutting the whole operation down.

Unable to comprehend throwing away the golden goose and feeling betrayed after so many years of hard work together, Troy snapped and kills his friend. The saddest moment in the episode comes when Candice tells Beckett (Stana Katic) and Castle that one day she'll tell their daughter that her daddy died trying to be the best father he could be. All in all, an excellent story. As for the shippers out there - don't despair! Castle's highly-anticipated Valentine's Day episode is just around the bend.

Castle  airs Mondays @10pm on ABC. New episodes resume February 4th, 2013.

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