'Castle' Season 4 Spoilers Revealed: Daddy Drama & Ghostbusters

WARNING! Minor Castle SPOILERS are contained in this article.

Castle fans still have just over a month to wait for the much-anticipated return of ABC's whodunnit but, in the meantime, stars Nathan Fillion and Seamus Dever have spilled the beans on a few big upcoming episodes.

The biggest news for the continuing story may be that of Castle's parentage.

As we’ve already mentioned, this article contains MILD to MEDIUM SPOILERS for Castle season 4. If you are attempting to avoid spoilers altogether, please be advised to turn away now – you have been WARNED.

Still here? Here we go…

Martha (Susan Sullivan) has been tight-lipped about Castle's father so far, but Fillion is quoted as saying "she knows who the dad is." That's pretty non-committal, especially considering the minor daddy drama that's come before. Expect some kind of reveal in the coming season around the Christmas episode.

Castle is no stranger to Halloween episodes either - a Season 2 Firefly reference is still high in most fans' lists of favorite shout-outs. While the show is positively littered with sci-fi detritus, this year's Halloween episode may take the cake: a tribute to Ghostbusters. No word yet on a Sigourney Weaver or Dan Aykroyd cameo [note to Castle producers: you should get Weaver and Aykroyd to do a cameo].

kevin ryan jenny seamus diver

NYPD detective Kevin Ryan will tie the knot in a Valentine's episode next February. Ryan (Seamus Dever) has been in a long-term relationship with Jenny and a wedding episode will see the pair hitched, with resultant best man drama between Castle and Esposito. "We always have to do a romantic episode as a tie-in to the return of The Bachelor," says Dever. Here's a special bit of trivia for Castle fans: Jenny is played by actress Juliana Dever - Seamus' real wife.

This is notably the third-most important relationship on the show (or possibly even lower, if you count Castle's mother and daughter) - details on Castle/Beckett and Esposito/Parish are still not available at this time.

If you've seen the Season 3 finale, you know there's at least one slot open in the NYPD homicide department. Penny Johnson, often credited as Penny Johnson Jerald, will be stepping-in as Captain Victoria Gates, who is less than pleased at the informal dynamic that playboy author Castle takes with the rest of the squad. Johnson has had solid arcs on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (Fillion is no longer Castle's only space captain), 24 and The 4400.


Castle returns to ABC Mondays on September 19th at 10PM.

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