'Castle' Season 3 Finale Details Revealed

Fillion and Katic of ABC'sw Castle

[Warning: mild Castle season 3 spoilers below]

Season 3 of well-read murder mystery show Castle is drawing to a close, and executive producer Andrew W. Marlowe is teasing fans with new info on the finale.

In an interview yesterday, Marlowe spoke on the various stories and arcs coming to a head in the final episodes of the season. Chief among them in the minds of fans is easily the relationship between playboy writer Castle (Nathan Fillion) and NYPD detective Beckett (Stana Katic).

But those waiting (and waiting, and waiting...) for the starring pair to couple-up will have to wait until next season - at least. Marlowe acknowledged that there's very little stopping the characters from finally beginning an intimate relationship, but that the writers intend to throw up a roadblock:

I don’t think the audience is ready for [a Castle/Beckett romance] yet... but I do recognize that they have to move to a different level in their relationship and there has to be a significant obstacle to them getting together.

The other major dramatic point for Castle has been the death of Beckett's mother, who was murdered when Beckett was growing up. The detective has been tracking her mother's killer for decades, and even with Castle as her own personal Angela Lansbury, has only been able to track down an assassin - not the man who hired him.

Marlowe revealed that the case of Beckett's mother's murder will be further developed in the finale. And in the grand tradition of teasing fans, he let the interviewer know that someone wouldn't be making it out of the episode alive:

I can confirm that [someone] we’ve seen many, many times before does die in the finale.

Aside from revealing that the finale will be "explosive" (more explosive than Beckett's apartment actually exploding in season 2?), he confirmed that the episode would end in a cliffhanger. Castle was renewed for a fourth season in January.

Castle & Becket Finally Getting Together?

Castle has remained consistently compelling on the merits of Fillion's charm and Katic's tough-as-nails demeanor. The dynamic between the main characters has far outstripped the actual investigations for entertainment value. (See Bones for a similar phenomenon.)

That said, Castle and Beckett have been circling each other for three years now, and it's clear that both want to move forward. The dialogue has progressed from suggestive to downright flirtatious, and you could cut the sexual tension with a wooden spoon.

The much-ballyhooed "first kiss" earlier this year turned out to be a fake-out, and all the love interests for both characters have been conveniently written away. Throwing up another artificial barrier to a relationship with so much momentum seems odd, and fans may become (more) frustrated if this dance keeps going on.


Castle airs Mondays @10pm on ABC. The season finale is currently scheduled May 16.

Source: TV Line

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