Hulu's Stephen King Series Castle Rock Gets a Super Bowl Teaser

A Super Bowl teaser trailer for the Stephen King inspired TV show Castle Rock has been released ahead of this weekend’s big event. The Super Bowl is a big event not only for football fans around the world but also for multiple brands, which use this space to promote their products. Naturally, TV and movie studios are not left behind and many of them already have a spot to showcase new teasers and trailers for their upcoming productions.

Such is the case of Hulu’s Castle Rock, a psychological horror series based on the works of horror master Stephen King. Unlike other adaptations of King’s stories, Castle Rock brings together various characters and themes from King’s mythology and the fictional town of Castle Rock. The first teaser trailer was revealed at last year’s New York Comic Con, and while it didn’t give any plot details away, it gave us a quick glimpse at some of the characters and some details related to King's literary universe. Now, a new teaser has been released ahead of its planned premiere during the Super Bowl.

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The teaser (shown above) begins with Henry Deaver (played by André Holland) arriving at Castle Rock after receiving a call from Shawshank from an unspecified person. What follows is a montage of the rest of the rest of the characters, such as Bill Skarsgård (IT) whose character is a Shawshank inmate; Melanie Lynskey, Jane Levy, Scott Glenn, and Sissy Spacek, whose character warns us that “Something terrible is going to happen."

Castle Rock

Castle Rock is the home of many of King’s stories, such as The Body, Cujo, and The Dead Zone, and has been referenced in a number of books, including IT, Gerald’s Game, and Doctor Sleep. Among the books serving as inspiration for the series are Salem’s Lot, The Shining, Needful Things, and Dreamcatcher, so there will be a lot of Easter Eggs for hardcore Stephen King fans to catch.

The series also reunites some cast members with Stephen King’s universe: Sissy Spacek starred in Brian de Palma’s Carrie in 1976; Melanie Lynskey appeared in the TV miniseries Rose Red, and Bill Skarsgård played Pennywise in Andrés Muschietti’s adaptation of IT. It will be interesting to see if these actors will hint to their previous characters in this new TV show.

Hulu is no stranger to Super Bowl trailers, having shown a spot for The Handmaid’s Tale during last year’s game, so they are perfectly aware of the importance of promoting their upcoming productions during the biggest sports event of the year. Given the recent wave of hit adaptations of King's works, this series may well become a success too.

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Castle Rock premieres this summer on Hulu.

Source: Hulu

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