Castle Rock TV Show Assembles Stephen King's Avengers

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Creators of the forthcoming Hulu horror series, Castle Rock, recently compared the cast they assembled to The Avengers. The series will be a tour through horror writer Stephen King's terrifying world and will feature actors who have previously worked on his projects.

The series was ordered to Hulu in February 2017, and has fans fearful and excited for its premiere. Castle Rock will intertwine the characters and themes of King with the fictional town, Castle Rock, as the backdrop. Already known of the show is a possible connection to King's story The Shawshank Redemption, with the titular prison featured prominently in the Castle Rock trailer. But the show isn't only offering a tour through King's world. Familiar King collaborators will also be featured in prominent roles throughout the series.

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During the roundtable discussion on Castle Rock with Sam Shaw and Dustin Thomason at San Diego Comic-Con, the pair likened some of the aspects of the series to The Avengers. The show is definitely forgoing the Avengers superhero grandness for a far more sinister intimacy. But when it comes to the cast, the series' creators have assembled a team that has worked with King, and his related projects, before.

With Bill [Skarsgård] and Sissy [Spacek] we had the alpha and the omega. Chosen Jacobs plays Henry’s son, he’s in It. Our composer wrote the scores for Green Mile and Shawshank Redemption. We’ve put together the 'Avengers of Stephen King.'

Scott Glenn in Castle Rock

As Shaw and Thomason discussed, there are quite a number of notable collaborators in the series. Sissy Spacek famously played Carrie in the book-to-film adaptation of the novel, and Bill Skarsgård gave a thrilling and terrifying performance as Pennywise the Clown in the recent iteration of King's IT. Also joining the series is fellow IT co-star Chosen Jacobs who played a young Mike Hanlon in the film. Rounding out 'King's Avengers' is Thomas Newman, who famously composed the score for The Green Mile and received an Oscar nomination for his work composing the score for The Shawshank Redemption.

While King's Avengers have gone on to create other notable work, their return to King's world is enticing and should make fans very excited. The cast members and composer know and understand the world King has created, as they lived in it for previous projects. In the realm of horror, King has a discernible style. The writer often marries horror and dread, combining them for a nerve-inducing experience. With the return of these collaborators, fans should look forward to intense, terrifying performances and music, when Castle Rock officially hits Hulu.

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Castle Rock will arrive on Hulu July 25.

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