Castle Rock Trailer: Stephen King and J.J. Abrams Aim to Scare You

Castle Rock Teaser

Fans of Stephen King's books and short stories are very familiar with the state of Maine, or at least a version of it. Like many authors, most of King's stories are set in his home state, although he's created some fictional locations, including three cities/towns which have been the settings for numerous stories of his. Those three locations are known as Derry, Jerusalem's (Salem's) Lot, and Castle Rock.

Castle Rock was the setting, or one of the settings, of four novels, three short stories, and two novellas. First introduced during a long sequence in The Dead Zone as the home of serial killer Frank Dodd, Castle Rock at first seemed like a normal small town where occasional bad things happened. But there was something else happening in Castle Rock, something out of this world. Over time, various mystical dangers came to Castle Rock, including a dangerous camera, an author's pseudonym coming to life, and a merchant arranging chaos and stealing souls. Officially King finished The Castle Rock saga with the book Needful Things and its followup short story It Grows on You. But around two dozen other books and stories have referenced the town, as recently as the 2014 book Revival.

And King's time in Castle Rock is apparently not done yet. J.J. Abrams is working with Hulu on a new anthology series, titled Castle Rock and based on King's works. Abrams, King, and Hulu have already teamed up once before, on the series 11.22.63Abrams revealed the trailer for the series, seen above, in a Tweet earlier today:

— Bad Robot (@bad_robot) February 18, 2017

The trailer travels along a series of red lines, which look somewhat like arteries. The lines connect to a number of names, locations, and other information relevant to King. Some of it, like the name Brian Rusk, directly connect to Castle Rock. But there are also names and locations from various King works which are not in Castle Rock. Some of them, like Annie Wilkes and Danny Torrance, are not even in Maine. Others are from his other Maine locations, such as Ben Mears and the Marsten house from the book (and setting) Salem's Lot, or Vera Donovan from Little Tall Island in the book Dolores Claiborne. A couple of mentions are not based around people or locations, though. There's a mention of Richard Bachman, a pen name King's used a few times in his career, and Misery's Child, a romance novel by King character Paul Sheldon.

A series of voices can be heard throughout the trailer, promising a few scary stories are possible. Most of them are without context, except for the whispered "Redrum" which fans of The Shining know is "murder" spelled backwards. Abrams tweet also promises another mystery, the hoax in the forest. Whatever that means. But they all promise some very scary stories coming up. As the camera pans back, it turns out they are not arteries. They are lines on a map of Castle Rock.

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