Castle Rock Renewed For Season 2 At Hulu

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The Hulu Original series Castle Rock has officially been renewed for a second season. Inspired by the Stephen King multiverse, the second season is expected to tackle a brand new standalone story inspired by various elements from King's novels and short stories.

Based on the fictional town featured in a number of Stephen King's stories (including Needful Things and Cujo), Castle Rock is an original story from co-creators Sam Shaw and Dustin Thomason that ties into King's macabre literary universe. It centers around a death row attorney named Henry Deaver (André Holland) who is summoned back to his hometown to represent a mysterious inmate of Shawshank State Prison (Bill Skarsgärd), all the while unraveling a dark mystery from his past that involves his adoptive mother Ruth (Sissy Spacek), local realtor Molly Strand (Melanie Lynskey), horror enthusiast Jackie Torrance (Jane Levy), and former Castle Rock sheriff Alan Pangborn (Scott Glenn). Now, following the current success of its first season, Hulu has renewed Castle Rock for season 2.

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Hulu officially announced the second season's renewal, stating that Castle Rock is one of their most successful shows, according to THR. The streaming service revealed that the series now holds the title as the most successful original series launch to date, and, in fact, managed to secure the highest view-through rates in its first and second episode for a Hulu original series. That said, Hulu did not reveal any information regarding details for the upcoming second season.

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As of now, the only information pertaining to future seasons of Castle Rock is the fact that each season will be standalone. This means audiences might expect a brand new storyline, as well as brand new characters, fitting into a familiar anthology mold within the Stephen King universe, a la Creepshow and Creepshow 2. 

While there is little to nothing for fans of Castle Rock to speculate over in terms of the direction season 2 might go, it's entirely possible the series might take a detour from Castle Rock altogether and visit other unlucky towns or locations from King's imagination. The opening credits of the show reference other Maine towns like Derry (the town from IT), Chester Mill (from Under the Dome), and Little Tall Island (from Storm of the Century and Dolores Claiborne), and if co-creators Shaw and Thomason intend to explore the most macabre destinations featured in King's stories, there are also plenty other hotspots like the Overlook Hotel (from The Shining, which includes a rich history of horror); Gatlin, Nebraska (from Children of the Corn, which is home to He Who Walks Behind the Rows); and Ludlow, Maine (home of the Pet Sematary, where the dead never stay buried).

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Castle Rock releases Wednesdays on Hulu.

Source: THR 

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