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Scott Glenn Andre Holland Bill Skarsgard and Sissy Spacek in Castle Rock

The Hulu Original series Castle Rock leans as much on mystery and the macabre as it does its colorful cast of characters. From familiar heroes and villains torn straight out of Stephen King's literary universe to original characters written specifically for the show, uncovering all the secrets about Castle Rock's complicated residents is part of the fun. It'll help knowing who's who in the supernatural drama inspired by classic King stories like Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption, The Dead Zone, and  Needful Things.

Based on the fictional Maine town created by and featured in several Stephen King stories, Castle Rock follows death row attorney Henry Deaver (played by André Holland) as he returns to his hometown after being personally requested by a mysterious Shawshank State Prison inmate known only as "The Kid" (played by Bill Skarsgård). His unexpected presence begins to unravel some deep-seated mysteries in Castle Rock, involving himself, his adoptive mother Ruth Deaver (played by Sissy Spacek), former sheriff Alan Pangborn (played by Scott Glenn), and local realtor Molly Strand (played by Melanie Lynskey), and several others. And even though Castle Rock is based around mostly original characters created specifically for the show, it features some familiar names, as well as actors who have starred in Stephen King adaptations outside of the Castle Rock universe.

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For devout Stephen King fans and casual viewers alike, it'll definitely help having a grasp on the complicated, layered storyline threaded throughout the new series. If nothing else, some base knowledge of who's who will leave more room for audiences to piece together Castle Rock's intricate puzzle.

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Scott Glenn Andre Holland Melani Lynskey in Castle Rock

André Holland as Henry Deaver - Summoned back to his hometown of Castle Rock, Maine by a mysterious local, Henry Deaver is a death row attorney with a dark past. After a childhood scandal makes him the sole suspect of an unsolved crime, Henry's return to Castle Rock is not met kindly.

Melanie Lynskey as Molly Strand - A local realtor and childhood neighbor of Henry Deaver, Molly Strand is afflicted by a rare medical condition that leads to a dependance on illegal substances. What's more is that Henry's return to Castle Rock sparks an unusual connection she had with him that has haunted her well into adulthood. (Lynskey also starred in the made-for-TV miniseries Rose Red, written by Stephen King.)

Scott Glenn as Alan Pangborn - The former sheriff of Castle Rock, Alan Pangborn is a classic Stephen King character who has appeared in a number of King's stories, including Needful Things and The Dark HalfHaving survived personal encounters with various evils that have plagued Castle Rock, Pangborn has a unique relationship with Henry Deaver that ultimately extends to Henry's adoptive mother Ruth.

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Jane Levy as Jackie - A local taxi driver in Castle Rock, Jackie is a spunky horror aficionado who is wholly immersed in local legends. And once Henry Deaver makes his unannounced return, she is quick to make his acquaintance. Described as a mix between Election's Tracy Glick and serial killer Ed Gein, there is one other secretive element to Jackie that broadens the Stephen King presence within the series: her last name.

Bill Skarsgard and Sissy Spacek in Castle Rock

Sissy Spacek as Ruth Deaver - A lifelong resident of Castle Rock, Ruth Deaver is Henry Deaver's adoptive mother. She lives alone and has formed a relationship of which her son does not approve. And despite all of the horrors that have surrounded her, she remains resilient; unwilling to leave her home, no matter the odds. (Spacek also starred in Brian De Palma's Carrie, based on Stephen King's very first novel.)

Noel Fisher as Dennis Zalewski - A prison guard at Shawshank State Prison, Dennis Zalewski is expecting his first child with his wife, but is overwhelmed by the way Shawshank is run. After meeting with Henry Deaver, he believes that there may be a chance at changing things for the better once and for all - assuming a new discovery in Castle Rock doesn't get in the way.

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Bill Skarsgård as "The Kid" - Nearly thirty years prior to the events of Castle Rock, a boy referred to only as "The Kid" was locked in a cage at the bottom of Shawshank State Prison. In 2018, he's discovered and placed under close observation, igniting what may turn out to be a legal and media nightmare. And even though he hardly speaks and doesn't seem to remember his own name, he requests the legal aid of none other than Henry Deaver. (Skarsgård will reprise his role as Pennywise the Dancing Clown in the Stephen King adaptation It: Chapter Two.)

Terry O'Quinn and Ann Cusack in Castle Rock

Terry O'Quinn as Dale Lacy - The former warden of Shawshank State Prison, Dale Lacy has a complicated past with Castle Rock. Having harbored a massive secret for most of his career, Dale ultimately sets the plot of Castle Rock into action. It also seems as though he's the only person who truly understands what exactly is haunting their small New England town.

Ann Cusack as Warden T. Porter - Dale Lacey's successor as warden of Shawshank State Prison, Warden T. Porter appears to be playing ball with the prison's seedy politics, and doesn't appreciate being kept in the dark. This especially applies to Lacey's secret inmate, who she'd rather make disappear than understand or investigate. (Cusack also starred in the Audience TV series Mr. Mercedes.)

David Selby as Joseph Desjardins -  The brother of Vince Desjardin (a Castle Rock native featured in The Body who's part of Ace Merrill's gang), Joseph is a local barber with a curious interest in Henry Deaver. Not only does he have Henry's old police files from when he disappeared in 1991, he has a mysterious locked shed in his backyard that sparks Henry's curiosity.

Adam Rothenberg as Reverend Matthew Deaver - Henry's adoptive father and Ruth Deaver's late-husband, Reverend Matthew Deaver died in Castle Rock shortly after Henry went missing as a child. Though he was meant to represent a positive symbol in Castle Rock, his suspicious behavior and untimely death suggests otherwise.

Castle Rock also stars Caleel Harris as Young Henry Deaver, Cassidy McClincy as Young Molly Strand, Chosen Jacob as Henry's son Wendell Deaver, and Phyllis Somerville as one of Henry's death row prisoners named Leanne.

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