15 Behind The Scenes Secrets You Didn't Know About Castle

For eight seasons, fans tuned in on a weekly basis to watch the quirky crime solving adventures of Rick Castle, mystery writer turned criminal consultant, and Detective Kate Beckett on ABC's Castle.

No one could have anticipated that this one-time midseason series would go on to become such a beloved hit. However, fans swarmed to the series like moth to a flame, most tuning in for the undeniable will they, won't they spark between the series' central characters.

Castle was never an award-winning, hard-hitting drama, but it hit so many emotional beats and showed characters with true resonance and growth.

The love story between Castle and Beckett has routinely been voted as one of the best in television history. Fans of the series remain just as passionate as ever even after almost two years since the series finale aired.

However, as light-hearted and comforting as the show may have been for most of its run, there are some pretty shocking secrets behind the scenes that even the most devoted fans may not know about.

Here are the 15 Behind The Scenes Secrets You Didn't Know About Castle.


15 Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic may have dated at one point

Chemistry isn't something you can just manufacture. No matter how talented an actor or actress may be, chemistry is either there or it isn't. In the case of co-stars Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic, the chemistry was there from the very beginning-- the chemistry was there and there was a lot of it.

That's what made watching their characters, Castle and Beckett, dance around one another for so long so enjoyable. The spark was there from the pilot episode onward, slowly simmering more and more over time.

However as it turns out, that chemistry may have been more organic than most fans originally thought. According to some reports, Katic and Fillion may have actually dated early in the production of the series.

14 Katic and Fillion are rumored to have feuded behind the scenes


However, just because two co-stars are rumored to have once dated one another at the beginning of production, this doesn't mean that they are necessarily on the best of terms in the present. Even if they had once gotten along, this doesn't mean that they remain close.

Perhaps even more prevalent than the rumor that Fillion and Katic had once dated is the long-running claim that the duo had feuded intensely behind the scenes of the series. Nothing was ever confirmed, but multiple gossip sites that covered television and celebrities covered it in some form or another.

Certain groups of fans fully believed in the claims, which led to early sources of friction within the audience, which would only grow over time.

13 The show's creator exited suddenly after season six

Nowadays, it's becoming increasingly common for the creative powers behind a series to exit the show before it ends officially. Whether they decide to move on to additional projects, or simply want to move on in general, it's no longer as shocking as it once was for the creator of a show to suddenly up and leave it.

However, what is unfortunately often the case is a dramatic decline in the quality of the series and its tone once the original showrunners have left the series.

This is precisely what happened when Andrew W. Marlowe walked away from Castle after season six, leaving the series in its most precarious position ever following the utterly divisive season six finale.

12 Penny Johnson Jerald was not asked to return for the final season

From season four through season seven, Penny Johnson Jerald starred on Castle as Captain Victoria Gates, the no-nonsense replacement for the late Captain Roy Montgomery who insisted upon being addressed as Sir.

A vital part of the ensemble, it came as a shock not only to the fans, but to Johnson Jerald herself when she was not asked to return for the series' eighth season.

In May 2015, Johnson Jerald tweeted the official announcement: "To my Castle fans around the world, as of late yesterday I am surprised and saddened to learn that I will no longer be a part of the Castle family. Thank you all for your support and love. Hugs from PJJ."

This was a huge disappointment to fans who had grown attached to her character.

11 On-screen couple Kevin and Jenny Ryan are played by real-life couple Seamus and Juliana Dever

As previously mentioned, Seamus Dever's Detective Kevin Ryan was basically the sweetheart of the NYPD, while Jon Huertas's Detective Javier Esposito was the bold and roguish backbone.

Sensitive and sympathetic, Kevin soon finds himself falling head over heels for a woman named Jenny, whom he eventually goes on to marry in the show's fourth season.

Unfortunately, viewers didn't get to see see much of the early days of Kevin and Jenny's relationship when it began to play out on screen. However, it turns out that there was a whole other love story going on that viewers had no idea about: Kevin and Jenny were played by real-life married couple Seamus and Juliana Dever.

We can only imagine how sweet it must have been to play an on-screen couple with your spouse.

10 Tamala Jones was not asked to return for a hypothetical ninth season


Unfortunately, Johnson Jerald's shocking departure was only just the beginning of the numerous bad decisions that the series went on to make.

As ABC contemplated renewing the show for a ninth season, Tamala Jones, who had been a recurring character, was not asked to return. Jones had been on the show from the very beginning as medical examiner Lanie Parish.

Presumably, the decision was made in the sake of cutting costs on the already aged series. However, the decision did not sit well with fans at all. In fact, many fans were extremely upset that a possibly renewed ninth season would not include Lanie, as she was known for having amazing chemistry with the rest of the cast.

9 Stana Katic was not asked to return for a hypothetical ninth season

However, even after cutting out Penny Johnson Jerald and Johnson Jerald, what sat even worse with fans was the unthinkable decision to not ask leading lady Stana Katic to return for this hypothetical ninth season.

When the news broke, fans immediately began to riot. Instantly, dedicated fans began flocking to social media in order to voice their displeasure and anger in the form of Twitter campaigns and petitions and Facebook posts.

Sure enough, with the backlash as loud and large as it had soon become, ABC couldn't ignore its audience. Thus it was no real surprise that ABC ultimately decided to cancel the series and rush a condensed series finale ending onto the season finale that they had already produced.

8 After nearly two years, Stana Katic has finally broken her silence regarding her departure

Following the unfortunate manner in which Castle ended its eight year run, Stana Katic remained mostly silent on the matter of her potential for an uncomfortably early exit. However, now nearly two years after the fact, Katic has finally broken her silence regarding her feelings.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Katic was very frank about her complicated feelings about the entire experience on the series. She noted that she felt "hurt" by the "harsh ending."

"I met so many beautiful people on that project, and we collaborated on something really unique in that it’s not every day that you get a show, or a series, that has eight seasons and that it was a hit for the network," she said.

She went on to say: "It would be a disservice to those people, to the work that we did together, and to my work, which I feel contributed, in part, to the success of the show, to be anything but grateful because, at the end of the day, that was a fantastic platform."

7 Some cast members weren't informed about their departures and only learned once the story had broken via social media

Adding insult to injury, the entire debacle of asking neither Jones nor Katic to return was worsened by the revelation that their castmates had not been made aware of the decision. In fact, the cast only learned of their exits from the show once the story had broken via the news and people began to reach out via social media.

All throughout the entirety of the series prior to this point, the cast appeared extremely close, which made this revelation all the more upsetting.

Jon Huertas confirmed this unfortunate scenario on Twitter in April 2016: "What else is sad???!!!! That I have to find this out online!!! This is my family! Why couldn’t someone have told me #InADifferentWay ?!"

6 The show may have followed in the footsteps of Moonlighting


Ever since Moonlighting famously suffered a creative decline after putting together its "will they, won't they" couple, there has scarcely been a show with a central couple that didn't find themselves discussed in the terms of Moonlighting.

Certain people believe that once a couple is together, the stories stop being interesting as the couple settles into its day-to-day life and routine, the excitement of the chase all but gone.

The build up is over and done with, and writers are now forced to rely on familiar domestic tropes that often don't fit the genre of the series that they're producing.

Castle has unfortunately been discussed in this regard, particularly after season five, and even more so once the creative control of the series changed following season six.

5 The show has proven totally divisive within its fanbase

It's only natural that viewers will have different favorite characters in a show. What's less common, however, is for viewers to become totally divided against one another because of where they place their primary interest.

In the case of Castle, fans have long been openly aggressive against one another regarding whose show they believe the series is. Most fans seem to believe that, based on its title and ostensible main character credit, the series is Rick's and should have been more clearly anchored as such, rather than spend so much time on Beckett's separate story arcs.

However, some fans believe the opposite, claiming that Beckett's stories were more interesting, and the show should have been hers to begin with-- with or without Rick present at all.

4 Rick Castle's name had some pretty hilarious origins

Rick Castle would certainly be one of the first people to tell you that there's no controlling where inspiration strikes. It shouldn't be a surprise, then, that inspiration for a crucial part of his character came from a very unlikely place.

While coming up with the details for his character, it turns out that the series' creators decided to name him Rick Castle for one purely simple, and frankly hilarious reason: because if you say Rick Castle fast enough, it sounds a whole lot like "Rich A**hole."

Given how Castle behaves at the very beginning of the series, they really couldn't have chosen a better name to go with his character. Thankfully, he lightens up later in the series and becomes a more likable character.

3 Stana Katic was chosen from over 140 actresses for the role of Beckett

The casting of a role can totally make or break a series. If an actor isn't right for the part, or if the slightest bit of cast chemistry is off between characters, them the show will feel fundamentally flawed in a way that is nearly impossible to fix, which can destroy the entire series.

So, when it comes to the casting process, it only makes sense that the powers that be behind a series will pull out all the stops to ensure that they make the correct decisions and cast the correct actor for the role.

In the case of casting Kate Beckett, they truly did not hold anything back: Stana Katic was chosen for the role out of a pool of over 140 auditioning actresses.

2 The show's creator disavowed any version of Castle without Castle and Beckett together


In the midst of all the furor regarding these shocking potential changes to the series, Andrew W. Marlowe voiced his clear disapproval of what the show he had created and run for so long was turning into.

Marlowe's response message on Twitter in April 2016 was as simple as it could be: "Heartbroken. There are no words. #nmc" However, it's all that goes unsaid by that simple three character hashtag that matters the most.

Fans and critics alike have interpreted #nmc to mean, simply, "Not My Castle." We can only imagine how it felt for Marlowe to see a show that he had created and spent so much time on over the years suddenly become something that he couldn't even recognize.

1 Esposito no more: Jon Huertas now plays one of TV's most loathed characters

For eight years, Jon Huertas played Detective Javier Esposito, the roguish and rough partner to mild-mannered Detective Kevin Ryan. The duo were frequently a source of comic relief, and occasionally offered some real emotional moments. However, all the while, they were likable.

Huertas's career post-Castle, however, has led him to inadvertently play one of the most-maligned men on television right now.

Huertas now stars as Miguel on This Is Us, a man against whom the only clear strike is that he isn't Jack Pearson, the patriarch of the family that the characters and audience hold in impossibly high regard. Miguel is often blamed, both in the show and on Twitter, for things beyond his control.

Howeverm for his part, Huertas is taking it in stride, and he looks forward to when the show finally reveals more of Miguel's backstory in order to allow the audience to connect with him more.


What other shocking secrets behind the making of Castle do you know about? Let us know in the comments!

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