25 Things That Make No Sense About Castle and Beckett's Relationship

The love story of Richard Castle and Kate Beckett is one that fans couldn't wait to see. The strong-willed, independent woman and the charming philanderer were brought together through extraordinary circumstances. Actors Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic played the two lead characters who couldn't be more opposite. The song and dance of flirtation and tension between the two continued for multiple seasons. Some wondered if we would ever see it culminate into a relationship.

Castle chased Kate for what felt like forever, though it wasn't even close to Mulder/Scully territory. Beckett couldn't make up her mind on how she felt about Castle and yanked him back and forth like a yo-yo. As the series went on, Beckett's character became quite annoying since she couldn't make her mind up about Castle. This is not Stana's fault but the fault of the writers. Meanwhile, Castle was rejected by Beckett multiple times, pushed away by her, had his own issues, and yet he kept trying to push those magnets together.

Castle finally succeeded and the two eventually got married, however, Beckett seemed to quickly fall back into the old mindset of not knowing what she wanted. Around the same time, the chemistry between the two actors became less and less believable. It wasn't for a lack of trying on their part - sometimes things just don't make sense even though we really want them to.

With that said, here are the 25 Things That Make No Sense About Castle and Beckett's Relationship.

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25 Beckett Thought Castle Was Immature and Reckless

Homicide Detective Kate Beckett is one of the best in New York City when she first meets Castle. She is a rational person who doesn't believe in the outlandish and is always very level-headed, which contrasts Castle.

Beckett often thought that Castle's fantastic theories were hard to wrap her head around even though they sometimes panned out. In the first episode of the series, Beckett describes Castle as, "a nine-year-old on a sugar rush, totally incapable of taking anything seriously." However, Castle believed in magical things and wanted Beckett to believe in them too. He told her that if she didn't believe in a little magic, she would never find any.

24 Castle Secretly Pursued Beckett's Mother's Case

Kate's mother, Johanna Beckett passed violently in January of 1999. Since then, Kate has been consumed with finding answers and was not satisfied with the official report. This is what inspired Kate to become a police officer.

Kate abandoned her efforts when it almost caused her a nervous breakdown. In season 1, Castle decides to do some digging of his own behind Kate's back. Castle did catch a break in the case, however, Beckett was extremely hurt and angry with him for secretly pursuing something so personal to her. Castle did it because he cared about Beckett, but it didn't help their relationship.

23 Beckett Thought Castle Only Went for Shallow Women

Beckett saw Castle as a womanizer, a reputation that he earned on his own and lived up to. He often had relationships with women who were shallow and meant nothing to him. Castle was an extremely caring person and it was easier for him to have flings instead of serious relationships. It saved him from being hurt.

There were times in the series when he got together with some of these flings because he found out that Beckett dating someone. Beckett was surprised when she met Castle's ex-college flame, Kyra, describing her as "real" compared to his two ex-wives.

22 They Both Got Jealous

Over the course of the series, Beckett and Castle both dated other people. However, in the case of the latter, it was usually in response to the former's status. Whenever each of them was dating someone else, they always became jealous and irrationally angry.

It was obvious from the start that Castle had feelings for Beckett, so jealousy on his part was expected. However, Beckett, on the other hand, continuously denied feeling anything for Castle, yet she would become irrationally jealous whenever he flirted with someone else, let alone dated anyone.

21  21. Beckett Followed Her Head and Not Her Heart

stana katic castle

Kate Beckett always did what was smart and conventional in every aspect of her life, and this included relationships. Castle was a risk, one that she wasn't sure that she wanted to take. In season 2, Beckett dates a fellow detective from another precinct named Tom Denning. Years earlier, she had dated an FBI Agent. Kate also dated a surgeon for a short time in season 3.

All of her relationships prior to Castle were predictable and were with the same type of men. This was the way Beckett wanted it. This made sense to her, as she always wanted to follow a set, straight path and never wanted to color outside of the lines.

20 Castle Rekindled Things with His Ex-Wife

In season 2, Castle invited Beckett to his home in the Hamptons for a Memorial Day trip. However, she declined, saying that she was busy. Castle found out that she was actually planning on being at another beach with her then-boyfriend Tom Demming.

Hurt by this, Castle reaches out to his ex-wife Gina. The two rekindle their relationship to the dismay of Beckett. Realizing too late her feelings for Castle, Beckett ends things with Demming. It is too late, however, as Castle tells Kate that he is gracefully stepping aside. This hurts Kate, who took an out-of-character risk.

19 Beckett and Castle Both Assumed the Other Had No Interest

The roller coaster ride of Beckett and Castle's courtship was reminiscent of a high school romance. While Beckett at first had no interest in Castle romantically, he eventually grew on her. By that point, he assumed that she didn't have feelings for him, so he moved on.

As the story goes, Beckett would then move on to someone else because she thought that Castle didn't have feelings for her. This continued throughout multiple seasons. There were times when it was adorable, but eventually it became annoying - especially Beckett's naive actions. It was clear from the beginning that Castle was head over heels for her.

18 Castle Chased After Beckett Forever

Beckett and Castle first met when she had to interview him for a case that she was working. Castle then used his friendship with the mayor in order to shadow Beckett as research for his new book. This "research" was also in part just an excuse to pursue Beckett.

Castle cared deeply for her from the very beginning. He even spent $100k of his own money in season 1 to obtain information about her mother's passing. No matter how many times Beckett pushed him away and hurt him, Castle never changed the way he felt about her.

17 Beckett Consistently Denied Her Feelings For Castle

Beckett continuously went back and forth with her feelings for Castle. In the episode "A Rose for Everafter", Beckett met Kyra Blaine, an ex of Castle's, while investigating a case. Kyra was unlike most of the women Castle dated, since she was smart, confident, and broke his heart in college.

Kyra and Castle reminisce about their relationship during a secret meeting on a rooftop during the investigation. They share a kiss before Beckett and Castle attend Kyra's wedding. Kyra ends up breaking things off once again. Kyra's last words to Kate are "he's all yours." However, Beckett seems confused even more about how she feels about Castle. Friend and co-worker, Lanie, throws her two cents into the mix, saying to Kate, "Honey, just because you can't see what's going on, doesn't mean everybody else can't see what's going on."

16 They Both Had Secrets

At the beginning of season four, a lot had happened, and both Castle and Beckett had their own secrets. Castle told Beckett that he loved her when she was shot. However, Kate later lies and tells him that she doesn't remember anything about what happened. She also gets a job in another city and does not tell Castle about it.

Meanwhile, Castle has his own lies. One of them involves making a deal to keep Beckett from pursuing her mother's case any further. All the while he, of course, is still on the hunt. This is all happening at the same time as her big secret, making for a tense season between the two.

15 Beckett Chose Her Job Over Castle

In season 5, Beckett is offered a big job in Washington DC and Castle eventually learns about it on his own. He had to do this because Kate hadn't told him about it.

The two then have a fight about their relationship and speak to their parents. Kate's father tells her that she should take the job because it is what she has always wanted. This echoes what she is feeling, and she is worried that what she and Castle have isn't real. However, once Beckett sets her mind to something, it is difficult for her to change it. Therefore, Beckett then tells Castle that she is going to take the job in DC.

14 Beckett Denied Hearing Castle Profess His Love

Finally, after three seasons, fans heard Castle profess his love for Kate Beckett while holding her in his arms. She had just been hit by an assassin's bullet. It was the series finale and it was everything we wanted, but in a cruel twist, it was taken away.

Beckett revealed to Castle that when it happened, she remembered everything "going blank." This, of course, disheartened Castle, but his main concern was that she was okay. Later, after months of distance, while observing Beckett interviewing a subject, Castle learned that she had in fact remembered. This broke his heart and made him believe that she didn't have feelings for him.

13 They Hid Their Relationship

In season 5, Castle and Beckett finally consummate their relationship. They decide that it will not be a one-time thing and that they want it to be a serious relationship. The only catch is that they must hide it from everyone at work. Due to precinct rules, co-workers are not allowed to become romantically involved, and if they do, then one of them must be reassigned.

Because of this, they decide to hide their entire relationship, which leads to some hilarious situations. They also hide it from Alexis and Castle's mother for a bit, though the two ladies were smart enough to figure it out rather quickly.

12 Beckett Was Always On The Fence About Their Relationship

Throughout the series, Kate Beckett see-sawed with her feelings for Richard Castle. It was almost nauseating at times. It was disappointing to see a character who was confident, intelligent, and strong fail to understand her own mind.

However, she changed her mind about Castle more times than the Kardashian's change their hair. The build-up to a relationship is always fun to watch, but this became painful. Part of her fence riding was brought on by jealousy. It was self-inflicted since it was caused by flings Castle had after Beckett pushed him away.

11  11. Castle Struggled With Abandonment Issues

Thanks to his mother and father, Rick Castle struggled extensively with abandonment issues. His mother was an actress and was rarely ever home. Castle was raised by his nannies instead of by his mother. For this reason, he refused to hire a nanny to help with his daughter Alexis.

Castle had no idea who his father was initially and didn't care to find out. In season five, Castle meets his father, who gives him a fake name and says that he left to protect them. He tells Castle that he is an international spy and helps Rick before leaving again.

10 Beckett Decided They Should Take a Break From Their Marriage

Before their first wedding anniversary, Beckett decided that it is best for the two of them to take a break. She wanted this in order to protect Castle from the organization LokSat. Beckett talks to Rita, Castle's step-mother, about how she cannot let LokSat go. Rita tells Kate that "attachments are liabilities" and that she should "think twice about who you bring with you."

Beckett really listens to this advice and, in an effort to keep Castle safe, she decides that they need to separate. Castle then surprises her on their one year anniversary and the pair decide to continue the investigation together.

9 The Chase Was Better Than The Relationship

Like many relationships that have played out on the small screen, the build-up in Castle was far better than the payoff. When it came to Castle, however, this was for a number of reasons. For one, the chemistry between the two lead actors seemed to be less and less believable as the show went on.

In the beginning, we were just getting to know their characters as they were getting to know each other. Castle's sarcasm, charm, and puppy dog love for Beckett was adorable, while her tough, no-nonsense, keep things in reality persona was the yin to his yang. It worked until it didn't. When they finally got together, the flow of the show didn't change, nor did Beckett's lack of conviction about Castle.

8 Beckett Only Expressed Feelings For Castle When He Was At Risk of Leaving

We've all heard the phrase "absence makes the heart grow fonder." In Beckett's case, it's the thought of that absence that makes her heart stand up and say "hello." Beckett only got the nerve to tell Castle that she had feelings for him after she learned that he would be gone for the summer and that he was unsure if he would return after.

She, of course, decided not to tell him after seeing that he was with his ex-wife. At another point in the show, their partnership had verbally been ended, but she quickly made amends so that he wouldn't leave.

7 Their Chemistry Faded as The Series Progressed

Whether it was due to off-screen drama or flailing ratings, the chemistry between the characters of Castle and Beckett dwindled. They went from two forces that connected and flowed together, to two people who were just doing their jobs. Sure, their characters were married and in love with each other because that is what the story called for.

However, the whole idea of suspension of disbelief was almost impossible. It became obvious that viewers were watching Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic play two characters. In the earlier seasons, it was easy to get lost in the story of Castle and Beckett, not Fillion and Katic.

6 Beckett Often Pushed Castle Away

Kate was confident and sure about everything in her life except for one thing: Richard Castle. Her confusion about how she felt about him dragged on for multiple seasons. Beckett became angry with Castle after he informed her that he was working with a "mystery man" to keep her safe. To do this, however, he had to keep her from working on her mother's case. Beckett told him that their partnership was over for good after hearing about this.

In season 3, Castle continues to pursue Beckett and we even see the two holding hands for the first time. Kate obviously has hidden feelings for Castle, but she continues her relationship with a doctor anyway.

5 Beckett Rejected Castle 3 Times

Beginning back with the pilot episode "Flowers For Your Grave", Castle wastes no time in asking Beckett out. At least, he waits until the case is solved to ask her out. When she says no, he reploes, "It would have been great," to which she replies, "You have no idea."

It is obvious from then on that Castle is smitten with Beckett. She, on the other hand, is not yet sold on the idea of dating such an immature man. However, this is not to say that she didn't enjoy him constantly "pulling on her pigtails." Castle also invited Beckett to the Hampton's only to be rejected once again - but this wouldn't be his last attempt, nor would it be her last rejection.

4 Beckett Was a Huge Fan of Castle's Books But Would Never Admit It

In the pilot episode, we learn that Kate is a huge fan of the Castle's books. She is the one who made the connections between one of his books and two crime scenes. In fact, we even see her walk into the station carrying a box full of Richard Castle books. The guys can't help but tease her about the fact that they are from her home library.

Later in the series, Beckett sneaks off to the restroom at the station to read some of the latest book, only to have Castle pop in above stall. He knows that she is looking for the steamy scene and tells her what page to find it on before leaving.

3 Beckett Engaged In Relationships That Went No Where

In season 2, Kate dates Tom Demming, a robbery detective. The pair get along well and are very much alike. Beckett breaks up with him at the end of the season, and when he asks her what she is looking for, she looks away.

Beckett dates another man with a badge later on: FBI Agent Will Sorenson. The two have an on and off again relationship.Again these two were just alike, but his job required constant relocation. Then there was Josh Davidson, a doctor. None of these men were like Castle and this was their problem. She just hadn't figured this out yet.

2 Their Support of Each Other Was Often One-Sided

One constant of the show's eight series run was Castle's support for Beckett. No matter the situation they were in or the emotional strain between the pair, he was always there for her. Perhaps it had something to do with his issues of abandonment.

He knew what it felt like not to have someone there for you and never wanted Beckett to feel that. As the show progressed, his character continued to grow. Castle continued working cases with Beckett, even after learning that she remembered everything about him professing his love to her. He felt that being there for Beckett to help solve cases was worth the pain of knowing that he couldn't be with her.

1 Coffee Played A Big Role In Their Relationship

Like many of us, Beckett and Castle start their day with a good cup of coffee. In the world of Castle, however, coffee played an even bigger role. Castle religiously brought in two cups for himself and Beckett each morning. He did this every day, unless there was something going on between the pair and Beckett would sometimes refuse the coffee to show her anger at Castle.

When Beckett made it clear to Castle that she was dating Demming, she was disappointed the following morning when she discovered that he had only brought coffee for himself. In season 3, following a summer apart, Beckett brings Castle a cup of coffee, letting him know that it will all be okay.


Are there any other aspects of Castle and Beckett's relationship in Castle that make no sense? Let us know in the comments!

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