15Hobgoblin - Michael Pitt

Hobgoblin Michael Pitt

Hobgoblin was initially created as a way for Spider-Man writers to reintroduce a Green Goblin like character into the hero's universe without always having to use the Green Goblin. While this has inspired some to refer to him as an imitation Green Goblin - “I can’t believe it’s not Green

Goblin,” if you will - Hobgoblin has evolved over the years and become one of the most consistently entertaining Spidey foes around. Of course, that’s due in some small part to the absurd level of craziness which drives him.

Michael Pitt is perhaps best known for his work on Boardwalk Empire, which was certainly a fantastic breakout role for the young actor, but doesn’t really capture Pitt’s full range. If you want to see how Pitt may fair as the Hobgoblin, just watch - or try to watch - his horrifying portrayal of Mason Verger in Hannibal. Pitt does “crazy scary” as well as anyone.

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