12 Actors Who Should Be Cast In Marvel's Inhumans TV Show

Marvel's recent announcement that the Inhumans would first be brought to life in television rather than film left fans both stunned and excited. It's an ambitious and unprecedented project for Marvel. The first two of the show's initial eight episodes will premiere in IMAX theaters beginning September 1st, before moving into a television slot on ABC starting September 26th, 2017.

The series appears to be staying true to the Inhumans' comic book roots, with plans to include the Royal Family, as well as partially taking place on the moon. Although there has been little more info than a release date thus far, we can't wait to see what actors will be portraying our favorite characters.

Although there are many fine canine thespians out there, it is most likely that Lockjaw, the teleporting dog will be an entirely CGI creation. So, that leaves us with the rest of the family, along with some other notable Inhumans that we assume could make an appearance.

Keeping these characters grounded, but remaining true to who they are will be a fine balancing act and it will call for some genuinely great performers. Here are 12 Actors Who Should Be Cast In Marvel's Inhumans TV Show.


12 Ms. Marvel – Yara Shahidi

Kamala Khan is a Pakistani-American teenager from Jersey City who made waves as Marvel’s first Muslim superhero to headline a comic. She is also an Inhuman. Her exposure to the Mists after the detonation of the Terrigen Bomb left her with the ability to shapeshift.

As a polymorph, Kamala can stretch her body in any way that she chooses, and increase or decrease both her size and any part of her body in general. Because she idolized the original Ms. Marvel, Carol Danvers, Kamala chose to take up the mantle herself. Recently, Kamala has both joined and quit the Avengers. Although she became disillusioned by the heroes she once emulated, Kamala hasn’t given up the fight and aside from her own title, can be found in the pages of Marvel’s new book, Champions.

Ms. Marvel is more than just a superhero story. It is also about a girl trying to survive her teens and discover how she fits into the world around her. Aside from that, the book is laugh-out-loud funny. Iranian-American actress Yara Shahidi’s portrayal of Zoey on Black-ish has showcased the actresses considerable talents. We know that she can switch from sassy to serious at a moment’s notice and that she’s got some impressive comedy chops. That’s not all, though: It turns out that Shahidi is a huge comic book fan and her passion for these characters would no doubt shine through in her performance.

11 Inferno – Ryan Guzman


Kamala isn’t the only hero on this list who had no idea about her Inhuman lineage. Dante Pertuz was just minding his own business when that Terrigen Bomb revealed his true nature and changed his life forever. As a result of his exposure to the Mists, Dante has the ability to manipulate flame. He can also turn into rock form and even regenerate missing limbs. He became the first NuHuman-- someone who was both human and Inhuman-- to leave his old life behind and move to Attilan.

Ryan Guzman is both an actor and a mixed martial arts fighter. The latter would no doubt be a helpful skill in playing the part of Inferno. He also has prior experience in the world of heroics from his time on Heroes: Reborn. More recently, he played the role of Roper in Richard Linklater’s spiritual sequel to Dazed and Confused, Everybody Wants Some!! Guzman has both the charisma and experience to bring Inferno to the big and small screen.

10 Eldrac – Brad Garrett

The Inhumans are a strange bunch and Eldrac is perhaps the strangest of them all. Terrigenesis hasn’t been pleasant for many Inhumans, but Eldrac wound up worse off than the rest. He was once a politician, but the transformation left him less flesh and blood, and more… brick and mortar. He wound up basically becoming a sentient building whose main function was acting as an inter-dimensional doorway. Those who enter his mouth can be teleported anywhere. Thus, he was granted the moniker of Eldrac the Door.

If Eldrac is included in Inhumans, his would be a difficult part to cast. Brad Garrett has a ton of voice-acting experience, from Finding Nemo to Justice League Unlimited. Aside from that, Garrett knows comedy.

Eldrac would be a challenge, not just for an actor, but for the audience as well. He will not make the transition from page to screen easily. It’s going to take someone funny to really bring him to life and make him seem like more than a talking building. Brad Garrett has what it takes to do just that.

9 The Unspoken – Titus Welliver

Although this supervillain’s initial appearance was in Mighty Avengers #27 in 2009, his story can be traced back to long before the Inhumans that were already known at that point. He was their king before his cousin, Black Bolt. In fact, it was Black Bolt and his family who overthrew the monarch, erasing all records of the Unspoken’s existence. The Inhumans’ home, Attilan, flourished under much of their former ruler’s reign. When he stole his people’s most powerful weapon, it was an unforgivable betrayal, despite his good intentions. The ensuing confrontation dethroned the Unspoken and Black Bolt became king.

Titus Welliver has been in everything from Supernatural to Sons of Anarchy to Deadwood. Lost fans will remember him as the Man in Black, where he left an indelible mark despite precious few appearances. Most recently, he has been starring in Bosch on Amazon. Welliver often plays guys who are not what they initially appear to be and he always gives them impressive depth of character. If the Unspoken is going to manage to remain interesting with Maximus the Mad around, he’s going to need to need to be portrayed by an actor capable of making an impression.

8 Triton – Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje

The Terrigen Mists are a fickle and indiscriminate beast. No young Inhuman who partakes in this ritual can know what their transformation will hold. For Triton, the exposure changed him from a land dweller to a sea creature, to the point that he could not survive on land.

At just one year old, the entire course of Triton’s life was irrevocably altered. He was initially unable to leave the water without an apparatus to aid in his breathing. Over the years, this device has been streamlined from an unwieldy mechanism to one far more easily managed. Aside from mutations that make him superiorly suited to survive an aquatic environment, Triton also gained superhuman strength, speed and reflexes.

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje has played iconic roles on both Oz and Lost. Simon Adebisi and Mr. Eko could not have been more different, but Akinnuoye-Agbaje made both characters unforgettable. His recent turn in Suicide Squad as Killer Croc proved him capable of acting under a ton of prosthetics, a skill he would need in order to play Triton. Alright, so Suicide Squad showed his ability to grunt as opposed to his ability to act, but his immense body of work in film and television proves the latter.

7 Karnak – Sterling K. Brown


Unlike many of his Inhuman brothers and sisters, Karnak Mander-Azur was never exposed to the Terrigen Mists. His parents kept him from the mists after seeing their effect on Triton, Karnak's older brother.

However, Karnak is just as extraordinary as the rest of the Royal Family. Raised in a seminary in the Tower of Wisdom, Karnak became a master of martial arts. This allowed him to hone his incredible skill of sensing weakness in any object or person. That ability makes him an incredibly formidable opponent capable of defeating seemingly unbeatable foes. He is also the philosopher of the family and acts as Magister of the Tower of Wisdom.

Sterling K. Brown has appeared in countless television shows. One of the most impactful of these parts was his recurring role on Supernatural as vampire hunter turned reluctant vampire, Gordon Walker. More recently, Brown drew rave reviews for his portrayal of Christopher Darden in American Crime Story. Although he is currently part of the ensemble cast of the critically acclaimed new show, This is Us, surely he could spare the time to lend his immense talents to the cast of Inhumans.

Karnak needs to be played as both brilliant and a badass, and for many, this would be an impossible tightrope to walk. However, Brown would have no problem showcasing both his thoughtfulness and impressive fighting skills.

6 Maximus – Iwan Rheon

Maximus Boltagon is not only King Black Bolt’s greatest enemy-- he's also his younger brother. He is both a genius and a lunatic. Maximus's powers are psionic in nature and give him the ability to impose his will on others. He can use these powers in a myriad of ways from the subtle to the obvious, and is capable of controlling many minds at once if need be.

Aside from that, his machinations are unparalleled, and even Karnak has been unable to see them coming. Maximus has also created many amazing inventions from weapons to machines. He was the one who was able to make Triton’s breathing apparatus so much less cumbersome.

Whoever is cast as Maximus the Mad will need to capture his gifted intellect, sociopathic tendencies, and unstable nature. This actor will need to be both charming and unnerving. We know that Iwan Rheon can play everything on this spectrum, because he’s already done it… as Ramsay Bolton on Game of Thrones. Not that Maximus and Ramsay are incredibly similar characters, but many of the same qualities are needed to properly portray both men. Rheon has already shown an innate talent for playing a villain you love to hate, which makes him perfectly suited to bring Maximus to life.

5 Gorgon – Joe Manganiello

It might not seem like Black Bolt needs a bodyguard, but if we consider the ramifications of the King of the Inhumans uttering a sound, it’s probably good that he has one. Gorgon Petragon (also a member of the Royal Family) not only acts in that capacity for Black Bolt, but also helps young Inhumans train once they have undergone Terrigenesis. This rite of passage left Gorgon with hooves where he once had feet and the ability to create shockwaves by stomping the ground with them. He is extremely tough – the King’s bodyguard better be – and incredibly loyal to Black Bolt.

Joe Manganiello is probably best known for his role as Alcide Herveaux on True Blood. This won’t be his most notable role for long, though. The actor will be playing Slade Wilson, aka Deathstroke, in the upcoming The Batman, set for release sometime in 2018. Although many details of that film are as yet unknown, what is known is that Manganiello would make an excellent Gorgon. Not only does the actor have the right build for the job, but his time as an incredibly steadfast and badass werewolf has definitely prepared him for the part.

4 Crystal – Sophie Cookson

Crystallia Amaquelin is Queen Medusa’s younger sister. Although her initial purpose appeared to be little more than acting as a love interest for Johnny Storm, Crystal left him behind long ago. Her subsequent wedding to Quicksilver made Crystal the first Inhuman to marry someone who wasn’t one and the two gave birth to a daughter, Luna.

Crystal’s mutation gives her control over earth, air, water and fire. The psionic interactions take place on a molecular level, allowing her to do anything from affecting the weather to causing seismic shifts to creating fire, seemingly from thin air.

Those of you who haven’t seen Kingsman: The Secret Service should really get on that before the sequel hits theaters October 6th, 2017. Seriously, Matthew Vaughn’s clever adaptation of Mark Millar’s graphic novel about a young thug turned spy is not to be missed. One of the most memorable performances in a film rife with them would have to be Sophie Cookson as Roxy.

Fun fact: Cookson beat out both Emma Watson and Bella Heathcote for the role. Not only did she win the part over actresses with far more Hollywood cache, but also she was so good in the film that no one even wondered if one of those talented ladies could’ve done better. Cookson’s star is on the rise, so Marvel better act fast.

3 Ahura – Finn Wolfhard


Ahura Boltagon, son of King Black Bolt and Queen Medusa, was considered a threat before he was even born. The Inhumans Genetic Council forbade Medusa from bringing Ahura into the world at all. Considering the boy’s lineage, there were simply too many things that could spiral out of control.

Seriously, the kid inherited some pretty dire prospects, from his father’s powers to his uncle’s madness. Unfortunately for Ahura, he wound up afflicted with both. Ahura initially appeared to have abilities similar to his father, but his own power set evolved into something different, although equally frightening. His “evil eye” enables him to kill anyone with only a look.

Fans of Stranger Things – and at this point, who isn’t a fan – will recognize Wolfhard as Mike Wheeler from the Netflix hit. The entire cast was excellent, but let’s be honest, it was a group of kids who truly stole the show. Wolfhard ran the emotional gamut while playing Mike, showcasing talent well ahead of his thirteen years. Ahura needs to be played by someone capable of both innocence and intensity, and we know that Wolfhard is up to the challenge.

2 Medusa – Amy Acker

Medusalith Amaquelin Boltagon is the queen of the Inhumans and often must be the one to interpret the sentiments of her husband, Black Bolt. Although initially appearing as a member of the Frightful Four, she was actually the first Inhuman to show up in comics in Fantastic Four #36 (1965) by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

At first glance, Medusa's prehensile hair may not seem like much of a threat. However, it basically means that she has an inordinate amount of incredibly durable appendages that she wields with absolute control in pretty much any manner she chooses. Aside from that, Medusa has extensive combat training, and is far faster and tougher than a human being.

Amy Acker has proven with her work on Dollhouse, Alias and Person of Interest that she is capable of portraying amazingly strong women who are more than they appear. During Angel's final season, she played two completely different characters and made them both not only completely believable, but also totally distinguishable from one another. With her regular role on Person of Interest ending this year, now would be an excellent time for Acker to find a new project. There would be no better choice than Acker to capture Medusa's regal attitude, compassionate nature, and unbelievable strength.

1 Black Bolt – Hugh Dancy

Blackagar Boltagon is the King of the Inhumans and his subjection to the Terrigen Mists wound up being both a blessing and a curse. Black Bolt’s power set extends far beyond that of any of his subjects. However, he can never make a sound. A mere whisper could destroy cities, while a scream would cause entire planets to meet their end. Luckily, he has Medusa – who can read him better than anyone else – to speak on his behalf. Despite the great burden of his “gift", Black Bolt has always been a just and kind ruler, beloved by the majority of his subjects.

The thing about landing a starring role in Inhumans is that Black Bolt is definitely the most challenging part to play. Not many actors would be capable of giving the nuanced performance required to do the character justice. Hugh Dancy could undoubtedly give the role the necessary gravitas and provide enough of a glimpse into Black Bolt’s mind to render the character not only regal, but also relatable. If anyone has the ability to speak volumes without saying a word, it’s Dancy. He gave an incredibly layered performance on the canceled-too-soon Hannibal as Will Graham, an FBI profiler who understands serial killers a little too well. Dancy definitely has the acting chops to make himself heard in less traditional ways.


 Who will do you hope to see in the Inhumans when the show hits IMAX screens in September? Let us know in the comments!

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