15Polly Chapman – Ruby Barnhill

Ruby Barnhill

Polly Chapman is one of the most interesting characters introduced in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. It’s a bit of a stretch to call her a major player in the universe, but she certainly manages to make the most of her few appearances. The best way to describe her

is an elaborate version of Hermione’s character in the first part of Sorcerer’s Stone. She’s a bit of a brutally honest know-it-all whose charms are hidden behind a lack of certain social graces.

As difficult as it is to cast child actors from the pool of known names available – there’s a reason the original Harry Potter movies went with unknowns – Ruby Barnhill seems to be the obvious pick here. She captured the attention of many film fans in The BFG by displaying a level of charisma that we typically don’t associate with such young actresses. Granted, you could argue that she could tackle a bigger role in this movie, but she could easily steal the show via this memorable character.

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