13Riddler - Henry Fonda

Henry Fonda as the Riddler in Batman

Fonda’s bright eyes and brooding personality made him great casting for roles in films like The Grapes of Wrath and 12 Angry Men. He always projected intelligence and inner conflict, so who better for him to embody than the Riddler! Fonda would best take on the bowler & sport

coat Riddler rather than the onesie-leotard type; though, thanks to his gaunt figure, he could actually pull that off too. His Edward Nygma would exude torture and frustration, while Fonda’s gentle spirit would make the character somewhat sympathetic. Besides, let’s face it, the Riddler is a bit of a silly character. What criminal genius would lead police and a detective vigilante on a scavenger hunt just to get caught!? Fonda has the gravitas to make the role work as best it can, playing Edward Nygma as a man who just can’t help himself. Besides, his cropped hair and giant head would look great in a green bowler!

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