11Commissioner Jim Gordon - Clark Gable

Clark Gable as Commissioner Gordon in Batman

One of the most rugged men to ever grace the screen, Gable, the star of Gone with the Wind and It Happened One Night (for which he won an Oscar) had a reputation as a “man’s man,” a rough and tumble guy dripping with machismo. While his on-screen persona didn’t

totally follow his true personality - Gable loved reading and politics - the man did have something of a difficult reputation. A hard drinker, he had director George Cukor fired from Gone with the Wind for being gay, and openly feuded with co-stars Charles Laughton, Greta Garbo and Marilyn Monroe.

Despite the macho image, Gable also had a thoughtful, sensitive side. The actor never recovered from the shock of wife Carole Lombard’s sudden death. His drinking increased after the loss, as his health began a long and steady decline. That frayed image of a man who loved life but found himself defeated by it suggests him for the role of Jim Gordon. It’s not hard to picture an exhausted Gable sitting at his desk in a trench coat, glass of scotch next to him, deciding what to do about Gotham’s crime.

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