Sex And The City: Where Is The Cast Now?

Created by Darren Star, Sex and the City aired between 1998 and 2004 on HBO and went on to become a pop culture staple. Overall, the show is as responsible as The Sopranos for turning HBO into the major player that it has become in shaping the landscape of modern television. Besides its massive success with syndication around the world and The Carrie Diaries prequel on The CW, the franchise has also spun two movies: 2004’s Sex and the City and 2010’s Sex and the City 2.

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Throughout 94 episodes, Sex and the City told the stories of four central women and the people around them. Because the series aired for so many years, we came to familiarize ourselves with dozens of characters who we learned to love, understand, or perhaps even hate. Over a decade after the show ended its original TV run, what have these familiar faces been up to?

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Since abandoning her days as Carrie Bradshaw, which is the role that has largely defined her career, Sarah Jessica Parker has been in several movies and TV shows, such as 2011’s New Year’s Eve and a character arc on Glee. Most recently, however, the actress has been featured as the protagonist on HBO’s Divorce, which is well on its way to a third season.

Outside of the on-screen world, Sarah Jessica Parker has been largely involved with the fashion industry, which seems like quite the natural progression for the actress who played Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City for so many years. Besides launching her own clothing line, SJP, in 2014, Parker has partnered with various fashion brands to release new products.


Kim Cattrall in Sex and the City - Actors Who Bared it All

Kim Cattrall has been very busy with her craft since the end of Sex and the City, where she played Samantha Jones. Most notably, the actress has become a powerhouse on Broadway, and even went on to star and executive produce the television series Sensitive Skin for HBO Canada, which ran for two seasons.

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While fans would love to see a Sex and the City 3 happening on the big screen, it seems like Kim Cattrall is not on the same page about the movie. This is largely due to her apparent dislike for costar Sarah Jessica Parker, despite both women denying that there is an actual “feud” between them.


Kristin Davis played the lovable Charlotte York for six years on Sex and The City, a role that she reprised in the 2008 and 2010 films. Since the end of this franchise, Davis was featured in the Journey 2: The Mysterious Island film alongside Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and integrated the main cast of CBS’ Bad Teacher television series in 2014.

On stage, the actress starred in the 2012 Broadway revival of The Best Man. Then, in 2014, she debuted on the West End in the stage production of Fatal Attraction. Currently, Kristin Davis is working on the movie Christmas in the Wild, which also featured Rob Lowe and Colin Moss.


It is safe to say that the most startling career-change of the entire cast of Sex and the City came from Cynthia Nixon, who portrayed Miranda Hobbes in the series. In 2018, Nixon campaigned to become the Governor of New York.

Between 2010’s Sex and the City 2 and her 2018 political campaign, Cynthia Nixon was featured in a wide variety of roles as an actress, such as portraying First Lady Nancy Reagan in the 2016 TV movie Killing Reagan and portraying a senator on Amazon Prime Video’s Alpha House. Despite the fact that she seemed to be changing gears in 2018, Nixon has been attached to an upcoming Netflix series from Ryan Murphy, Ratched, which is based on the novel One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.


Chris Noth, the eternal Mr. Big, has had quite the nonstop career ever since Sex and the City ended its original run. The actor, who had a five-year run on Law & Order in the 1990s, went back to that franchise between 2005 and 2008 for the Law & Order: Criminal Intent series. Then, Noth moved on to The Good Wife, where he played Peter Florrick until 2016.

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In the last three years, Chris Noth has had several TV credits, including television shows such as Tyrant, Manhunt: The Unabomber, Gone, and even an episode of Doctor Who. Currently, the actor is working on two comedies for the big screen: Charles Kipps’ Someday Sometime and Melanie Mayron’s Brooklyn All American.


There were quite a few years after Sex and the City where David Eigenberg (who played Steve) seemed to only have very brief appearances on TV shows. Up until 2012, the actor was seen on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Monk, NCIS, Cold Case, ER, Criminal Minds, Castle, and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit – to name a few.

But it was in 2012 that things turned around for David Eigenberg, as he landed the role of Christopher Herrmann on Chicago Fire. This NBC series jumpstarted an entire Chicago-themed franchise, allowing Eigenberg to also be featured on the companion shows Chicago P.D. and Chicago Med. All three TV shows are still airing on NBC, keeping the actor quite busy with this franchise.


The unforgettable Stanford Blatch was played by actor Willie Garson, who hasn’t had any downtime since Sex and the City ended. In 2009, before the Sex and the City 2 movie had even come out, the actor joined the cast of the USA Network’s White Collar, where he played Mozzie. Garson was present throughout the entire six seasons of the series. Then, in 2015, the actor jumped right on CBS’ Hawaii Five-0, where he has portrayed Gerard Hirsch ever since.

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Willie Garson’s other TV credits since Sex and the City include brief roles on shows such as Two and a Half Men, Pushing Daisies, Wizards of Waverly Place, Girl Meets World, and even Supergirl.


Sarah Jessica Parker and John Corbett as Carrie Bradshaw and Aidan Shaw in Sex and the City

We all know that John Corbett became a worldwide phenomenon while Sex and the City was still airing on HBO, as the actor played Ian Miller in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. But what happened since his last outing as Aidan running into Carrie in Sex and the City 2?

Most notably, John Corbett reprised his role as Ian Miller in My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, played Jennifer Lopez’s soon-to-be ex-husband in The Boy Next Door, and played Dr. Covey in Netflix’s 2018 late-summer hit To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. What’s more, Corbett played the recurring character of Seth Holt on Parenthood.


Sex and the City fans fell in love with the character of Harry Goldenblatt, which was portrayed by actor Evan Handler, right along with Charlotte York. After this series ended, Handler would go on to have yet another long run on television as Charlie Runkle on Showtime’s Californication.

Evan Handler’s more recent credits include his roles as Alan Dershowitz on American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson, Hal Prince on Fosse/Verdon, and Jacob Warner on Power.


Jason Lewis, who played the Sex and the City heartthrob (and Samantha’s love interest) “Smith,” has had quite a few television credits since the series ended.

Right after the show, Lewis was featured on Charmed, House, and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. In later years, the actor had a recurring role on ABC’s Brothers & Sisters and integrated the main cast of NBC’s Midnight, Texas.

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