Cast Of Dance Moms: Where Are They Now?

Dance Moms was the unlikely show that no one saw getting as big as it did. A show that focused on a not-always-nice dance teacher and the moms who wanted to make sure that their kid was getting one of the solo dances that week.

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The show was recently renewed for an eighth season after taking a much-needed break. The cast is different for the most part now. This made us think about the previous cast. There have been many stars who have gotten their start at the Abby Lee Dance Company and since we all know what Abby is up to, here is what the real stars are doing today.

13 Chloe Lukasiak

Chloe was a fan favorite on the show. After leaving in 2014 due to her mom's never-ending feud with queen Abby she went on to achieve basically everything that Abby told her that she wouldn’t. She went out being the highest scoring ALDC soloist on the team. This is something that Abby would normally rely on Maddie for. Chloe is currently killing it on social media with over 6 million followers. She is doing dance tours around the world, wrote a book and is currently in her first year at Pepperdine University.

12 Christi Lukasiak

Christie is Chloe’s mom and one of the only moms who actually defended their child against Abby’s soul-crushing words. She was mostly known for slapping one of the moms upside the head while in New Orleans for a competition. Christi achieved her own level of fame from being on the show and now has just over 1 million followers on social media and a YouTube channel where she covers various topics.

11 Maddie Ziegler

Maddie was the star of the show. From episode one, it was clear that Maddie was Abby’s favorite. She received all the solos without having to jump through hoops. Maddie was on the show until 2016 when she, Abby, and her mom had it out in the nastiest of ways. Since leaving the show, she has become somewhat of a muse for singer/songwriter Sia. She has also made appearances on TV shows like Dancing With The Stars. She is currently enjoying life as an actress and a model.

10 Mackenzie Ziegler

Mackenzie was Maddie’s younger (and according to Abby) less talented sister. She was on the show for six seasons and didn’t make a lot of waves. Most of the time looked scared. Abby harped on her for not pointing her toes, and not getting first place with a solo that anyone could get first place with. Mackenzie is now all grown up and making music. In 2014 she released her first album called Mack Z, then a followup in 2018. She has recently appeared in campaigns for Ralph Lauren and on the debut season of Dancing With The Stars: Junior.

9 Melissa Gisoni

Dance mom Melissa was Abby’s personal secretary for most of the show. However, this was her way to ensure that her girls got star treatment in class. It worked! at least for Maddie. Unfortunately, for her, in doing this, she was often the one who the moms would take their anger out on.

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No one can say she wasn’t all about making her children successful. She is currently doing this by supporting her girl's career and being quite active on social media with just over 3 million followers.

8 Nia Sioux Frazier

Nia probably got it the worst being apart of the ALDC. Abby constantly berated her for not knowing how to dance, having bad feet and being boring on stage. She was an original cast member and stuck around even when all the new dancers were piling in. She always had to beg for solos or even to be apart of the group dance. She is currently on The Bold and the Beautiful, according to IMDb she has a few upcoming films and this Fall she started at UCLA.

7 Brooke Hyland

Brooke was one of the first of the original cast to leave the ALDC. She was growing up and no longer able to tolerate Abby’s behavior. She also began to lose interest in dance however, we may never know if that was genuine or if she just hated Abby that much.

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She and her sister Paige walked out of class in season 4 and never came back. She went on to study at Ohio University and now she is traveling around the world and sharing it with her 3 million followers.

6 Paige Hyland

Paige Hyland Dance Moms

Like her sister Brooke, Paige too was growing tired of the dance life. She was also quite sick of the abuse she experienced from Abby. This included the time Abby threw a chair at her. One of the last things that Paige did while at the ALDC was filed a lawsuit against Abby and the ALDC for emotional distress. She was quoted saying she had "panic attacks and extreme anxiety". The suit was later dismissed. She is now a social media influencer and is currently attending West Virginia University.

5 Kelly Hyland

Kelly and Abby go way back. Abby was her dance teacher when she was a pre-teen. Therefore, the digs that Abby throws at Kelly are not only personal, but they also cut deep. Kelly quit dance at 14 to become a cheerleader and Abby has never let her live it down. Brooke did the same thing in season 4 to Abby’s disgust. Kelly later sued Abby for defamation because Abby made comments about her being an unfit mother. The suit was later dismissed and now you can find Kelly on Instagram hyping her daughters up.

4 Kendall Vertes

Kendall first appeared in season 2 as a replacement for Vivi-Anne and her mom replaced Cathy from Candy Apples Dance Studio. Kendall’s road with the ALDC was bumpy she left at one point and returned and Abby would regularly throw this slip up in her face. Have no fear, Kendall is doing pretty well for herself. she is currently in a movie called Rapunzel: A Princess Frozen In Time. But, the kicker is, she has over 7 million followers on Instagram. When did Kendall get so popular?

3 Jill Vertes

Jill was the type of mom who would regularly put her foot in her mouth. She eventually became more known for fighting with the other moms which is the reason why she and Kendall left the ALDC for a few months. After leaving the show Jill and Kendall ended up in the movie called The Irreplaceables: Dance Movie with a few of the other cast members. It followed their tour through Peru after escaping the clutches of Abby. She isn’t up to much currently besides her regular mom duties.

2 JoJo Siwa

If anyone deserves the level of fame they have now it is JoJo. After joining the girls in season 5, nothing was off-limits not even her lisp. Abby made it a habit to shame JoJo every episode until she and her mom had had enough. JoJo was seen as not good enough because she was only apart of the team because she auditioned on Abby’s spin-off show; Abby Lee's Dance Competition. During season 6 she brokered a consumer deal with Nickelodeon and left the show promptly. This deal allowed her to be on several of Nickelodeon's shows, she has her own bow line, an extremely popular YouTube channel, and a book. She might be the most successful of the bunch.

1 Kalani Hilliker

Kalani was certainly one of Abby’s favorites. She came to the team with great flexibility and technique. This meant less work for Abby but some of the girls and their moms were more focused on the fact that Kalani was the new girl and receiving the same treatment as Maddie. Kalani didn’t stay with the ALDC for too long before leaving due to family obligations. She did, however, make a return but left again to join The Irreplaceables. She went on to do some modeling and she also has a lead role in a web series called Dirt.

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