Casino Royale Director Would Return if James Bond Was Recast

Don’t expect him to helm the forthcoming James Bond 25, but director Martin Campbell has said that he would consider returning to the series under one condition. Campbell has helmed two Bond adventures to date; GoldenEye and Casino Royale. Both films had the task of introducing viewers to new Bonds - Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig respectively - and both entries are very well regarded among fans and critics.

Despite numerous offers attempting to lure him back for other adventures, the director has always opted to work on new projects instead, ranging from Edge Of Darkness to Green Lantern. It was always assumed that when it came time to introduce the next Bond producers would again return to Campbell, who seems to be a good luck charm for breaking in new 007 actors.

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The director confirmed in a new interview with Cinema Blend that this would be a condition for him returning to the Bond franchise, as otherwise he feels he would just be repeating himself. When asked if he would consider a such a return, the director explained:

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I don't know. I might be, so never say never. I didn't after Goldeneye. I don't know if it was sort of arrogance or whatever I don't know. I just sort of said no to it. I was pretty much offered every one after that. But I just felt that I was [repeating] it. Another control room to blow up; another nutcase taking over the world. And also there is something refreshing about starting a new Bond, and particularly with Pierce [Brosnan]. It was sort of a Cold War sort of situation then, and we had Judi Dench for the first time. So there was a kind of excitement to doing it.

Campbell’s comments seem to rule him out of consideration for the next Bond at least, since Daniel Craig is now confirmed to be returning one last time. The film is still in its early stages of development, though numerous rumors have already popped up around it. This includes a potential storyline where a retired Bond must avenge the death of his wife, and that Beyonce has been approached about singing the theme song; rumors that should be treated with a dash of salt for now.

The currently untitled next Bond movie still doesn’t have a director either, though Daniel Craig is said to be very eager to nab Blade Runner 2049 helmer Denis Villeneuve for the gig. ’71 helmer Yann Demange has also been linked to the director’s chair, and longtime series producer Barbara Broccoli has also indicated that the production is considering a female director for the film. If a woman does end up behind the camera on James Bond 25, that would be a first for the franchise.

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Source: Cinema Blend

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