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I first heard about the movie CASH last year and I was immediately intrigued. When I saw that it starred Sean Bean (Golden Eye) and Chris Hemsworth (Perfect Getaway) I just had to see a trailer for the film. I was very disappointed to find out that there wasn’t one available. Today, that situation has been rectified.

CASH is a crime/thriller was written and directed by Stephen Milburn Anderson (South Central) and is, at its core, a story about what a human being is capable of when pushed to the limit. Most “pushed to the limit” stories, like Alive and Extraordinary Measures, are ones of human triumph over the negative forces in their lives. CASH takes a different approach to telling that same story.

Pyke and Reese Kubic  are twin brothers, both played by Sean Bean doing his best Jean Claude Van Damme from Double Impact (but better), with Pyke in jail and Reese walking free. While being chased by the police, Pyke throws out a suitcase full of money with the thought to retrieve it later. However, the money literally falls in Sam Phelan’s (Hemsworth) hands. He and his wife, Leslie (Victoria Profeta), like most families in America right now, are way in over their heads financially and see this money as being a very good thing in their lives.

chris hemsworth and sean bean

Sean Bean and Chris Hemsworth in CASH

The couple goes on an extravagant spending spree, blowing through a large portion of the money until one day Pyke sends his brother Reese out to find the cash. His search brings him to the Phelan’s doorstep and that’s where their lives go from good to bad. Reese wants Pyke’s money back and because they’ve spent most of it, he makes them get it back any way they can – robbing stores, and other “services.”  The Phelans  hate it at first but then realize, thanks to Reese, that they enjoy being on the other side of the law. However, Reese may have created a monster he cannot control.

The story takes the trio on an action-packed romp through the streets of Chicago, where the twists and turns just keep coming. Today we have the first look at the official trailer for CASH. Enjoy:


A couple of weeks ago, a poorly-cut trailer for the UK DVD release of CASH made its way online and did not do the film justice by any means. On the other hand, this official trailer really makes me want to see the film - it's cut well, tells enough of the story to get me hooked (but not so much that I know the ending) and the music sounds great so far.

Just recently, CASH was picked up by Roadside Attractions for a U.S. theater release, which I’m hoping will be wide. Earlier this month Immortal Thoughts, the studio behind the film, announced a “Demand It” contest where 5 people will win $2,500 dollars in each of the top 5 cities with the most “demands.” If you haven’t already,  go check it out and register because who couldn’t use some free cash?


Demand The Film CA$H in your city!

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What did you think of the trailer for CASH and will you "Demand It"?

CASH deposits itself into theaters March 26, 2010.

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