'Jane Eyre' Director To Helm Sci-Fi Flick 'Spaceless'

Already an award-winner for his work on the 2009 Sundance breakout pic, Sin Nombre, and this year's adaptation of Jane Eyre, filmmaker Cary Fukunaga is now moving on to the sci-fi genre with his next project, Spaceless.

Universal is the studio behind Spaceless, which is being produced by Gore Verbinski (the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy) through his BlindWink Productions. Before he directs the film, Fukunaga will do a rewrite of the original spec script by Jeff Vintar, whose previous screenwriting credits include I, Robot and Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within.

Heat Vision describes Spaceless as follows:

The story centres on an assassin who wakes up inside a spacesuit tumbling helplessly through space, with a computer designed to keep him company until his air runs out. He must try to solve the mystery of his death, which began when he broke into an orbiting space station to carry out a hit. The man, however, begins to question his reality, unsure if he is succumbing to madness or in an artificially created environment.

Based on that description alone, Spaceless reads as being a cross between last year's minimalistic thriller Buried and this past spring's mind-bending sci-fi flick, Source Code.

Of course, fans of the cult sci-fi series Firefly may also be reminded of the ending to the show's final episode, "Objects in Space", which concluded with a mysterious figure (the bounty hunter Jubal) drifting helplessly out into the abyss of space.

Mia Wasikowska stars as Jane Eyre
Mia Wasikowska in Fukunaga's 'Jane Eyre'

Fukunaga worked as a cinematographer on several productions, prior to his feature-length directorial debut on Chinatown Film Project (which he also handled photography duties on). Both Sin Nombre and Jane Eyre not only reflect Fukunaga's keen sense of visual design, they also illustrate his ability to handle two fairly distinct types of genre films - a gritty social melodrama and more artistic period piece, respectively. That flexibility bodes well for Fukunaga's transition into the realm of science-fiction with Spaceless.

The basic synopsis for Spaceless is also somewhat reminiscent of Moon, which was the first film helmed by Source Code director Duncan Jones. Fukunaga's project will likely be a low-budget, thought-provoking sci-fi tale along the lines of Jones' directorial debut, rather than Alfonso Cuarón’s upcoming (expensive) 3D futuristic thriller, Gravity - yet another sci-fi flick that revolves around a protagonist who must win the race against time, in order to survive the harshness of outer space.

There is no word yet on who might star in Spaceless or when production is expected to get underway. We'll keep you posted on the status of the project, as more information is released.

Source: THR

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