Great Cartoons That Can Fill the Rick and Morty Hole

No one knows when (or if) new episodes of Rick and Morty will air. To help fill the gap, here are a few great cartoons with similar tones or themes.

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Much like Rick Sanchez himself, fans of Rick and Morty found themselves in a bit of a pickle recently. While waiting for news about a fourth season, series creator Dan Harmon revealed via Twitter that the new season hasn't been ordered yet. According to Harmon, the delay comes because contract negotiations are "complicated" this time around. This means that it might be a while before new Rick and Morty episodes grace our screens.

As a quick fix, obsessed fans can rewatch the existing three seasons and look for hidden tidbits they missed. That doesn't provide the thrill of new content, though. Instead, fans may need to venture out and try other shows that have similar humor and depth. It won't be the same as Rick and Morty, but it's still entertaining in its own right.

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If you're looking for an animated series to help you fill a Rick and Morty-shaped hole in your life, here are a few suggestions. You may have already seen a few of these, but there may be hidden gems that you've missed as well.

This Page: Bojack Horseman, American Dad!, and Big Mouth

Bojack Horseman

Bojack Horseman Dream Sequence

Rick and Morty has a unique sense of humor that can vary wildly from one moment to the next. This is part of what fans love about it, because they never know what to expect. The jokes are smart and cerebral, except when they aren't. They often seem to come out of left field, taking viewers by surprise. This humor is punctuated by moments of darkness and drama, using the silliness and seriousness of the episodes to make each part stronger. It all adds up into a show where fans never really know what to expect from one episode to the next.

Another show that uses this type of humor is Bojack Horseman on Netflix. Featuring a washed-up 90s sitcom star, Bojack weaves expertly through the schemes of Todd and Mr. Peanutbutter, the drama of Bojack coming to terms with his fading celebrity and out-of-the-blue moments of drama that kick like a horse. There are currently four seasons available on Netflix, and a fifth season is in the works for likely release in late 2018. Though it's a much different type of comedy than Rick and Morty, fans will likely find a kindred spirit in Bojack Horseman's 48 episodes (plus one Christmas special).

American Dad!

The Cast of American Dad!

While Fox's American Dad! is just about as "mainstream" as you can get, it's a different breed of show than the network's other animated offerings. It's somehow both sillier and more serious than its more-famous cousin Family Guy or Fox's animated juggernaut The Simpsons. The show features the same sort of randomness as Family Guy but also includes smarter humor as well, including full story arcs that come from seemingly inconsequential moments and black comedy that works despite its sometimes dark subject matter.

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Fans of Rick and Morty may miss some of Rick's (mad)scientific solutions to problems, but Stan Smith and family certainly come up with unique ways to get out of trouble. With 240+ episodes to dateAmerican Dad! certainly offers plenty of content to help feed your animation appetite. In addition to DVD and Bluray releases, American Dad! is available to stream on Hulu.

Big Mouth

Another Netflix original, Big Mouth follows a group of teens trying (and often failing) to navigate the perils of puberty. The show has been controversial, with some groups claiming that it promotes the sexualization of children due to the subject matter addressed in the series. It definitely pushes the envelope when it comes to the teen comedy genre, taking advantage of its animated format to address topics that would be difficult if not impossible to tackle in live action.

Big Mouth is pretty thematically different from Rick and Morty,  but the darker humor used in the show will be right at home for those who enjoy the antics of Rick Sanchez and family. The first season of Big Mouth is currently available on Netflix, and season 2 is slated for release later this year.

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