20Codename: Kids Next Door

Also known as KND, Codename: Kids Next Door featured five children who fought against adulthood and teen villains. Operating from their high-tech tree house, the kids were part of a global crime-fighting organization called Kids Next Door. Either you were in it, or you were old.

The Kids Next Door was

originally part of another Hanna-Barbera show called Kenny and the Chimp. They were simply recurring side characters in the show that would get Kenny into all sorts of trouble. However, the pilot was changed, and the episode focused on the kids alone and then later developed into a fight against adulthood.

In 2001, Cartoon Network hosted its second Big Pick marathon, where viewers could decide next season’s newest original series. Kids Next Door won and therefore debuted in 2002.

It ran for six seasons, but the creator, Tom Warburton is still fighting to get a spin-off series. In 2008, he told fans that the season finale was never meant to be the finale of the show and that a revival could be seen in the future.

Warburton wrote a script for a spin-off called Galactic: Kids Next Door and a petition was started to make the series a reality.

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