Cars 3 International Trailer: Lightning Makes a Comeback

Disney/Pixar's Cars 3 gets an international trailer promising more from the fun-fueled racing-adventure soon to come this summer.

Fans of Lightning McQueen - voiced yet again by Owen Wilson - and company better buckle their seat belts before watching the latest international trailer for Cars 3. Standing as the third entry in the blockbuster motion picture property originally released in 2006 and based on an original concept created in-house by Pixar Animation Studios, the new movie is all set to take the talking-car animated franchise into new territory - including the introductions of first-time protagonist Cruz Ramirez - voiced by Cristela Alonzo - and rising antagonist Jackson Storm - voiced by Armie Hammer.

Familiar faces like Lightning's constant companion Mater the tow truck - as voiced by Larry the Cable Guy - will also make a return to the big  screen in Cars 3 proper, but with the Rust-Eze Racing Center slated for a substantial face lift, change is definitely in the offing. On that note, the latest international trailer for the new movie has just made its way online.

In the footage featured above, fans of the franchise can catch another tantalizing look at all of the mad-cap racing action and character-based comedy to come in Cars 3 proper - albeit with a foreign language audio track dubbed over all of the new and returning characters. Little more is revealed beyond what the first official trailer has already detailed, but there certainly appears to be plenty of fun to be had with the latest animated feature from Disney/Pixar.

Based on all appearances offered thus far, Cars 3 is definitely angling to take the franchise in a new direction, as Lightning's days are definitely numbered as a peak racing model car. Nevertheless, with the likes of newcomer Cruz Ramirez on his side to get him back in tip top shape, maybe Lightning will be able to beat the likes of Jackson Storm after all.

Taking a welcome departure from the international espionage side-plot that served to define the last film in the series, first-time director and longtime Disney Pixar animator Brian Fee will be well served in returning Cars 3 to its racing-centered roots. Only time will tell whether or no fans will be especially happy with everything the latest Disney/Pixar film has to offer, but with any luck Fee's motion picture event will serve to tide viewers over until the long-awaited franchise followups The Incredibles 2 and Toy Story 4 finally make their way to theaters around the world - not to mention, the Mexican-themed Coco due out later this year.

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Source: Disney/Pixar

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