Cars 3 Pizza Planet Truck Easter Egg Revealed

Pixar’s Pizza PLanet Truck in Cars

The coveted Pizza Planet easter from the upcoming Cars 3 has been revealed. Directed by Brian Fee, the latest in the Cars series will see the return of Owen Wilson as Lightning McQueen as the aging racing vehicle mounts a final attempt to take back his title as a world champion - following a devastating loss to rising star Jackson Storm (voiced by Armie Hammer).

Featuring a whole host of new faces - including Nathan Fillion as the charming business class coupe named Sterling and Cristela Alonzo as technician and coach named Cruz Ramirez - and returning supporting characters (Larry the Cable Guy as the trusty tow truck Mater), Cars 3 is all set to expand Pixar's very unique vehicular world. And, of course, it'll be dependably jam-packed with easter eggs.

A new clip from the film has been released that shows McQueen entering an off-road derby race. The scene appears to come from the film's second act and ostensibly introduces a new character called Miss Fritter - a school truck-turned-racer voiced by Orange is the New Black star Lea DeLaria - but also reveals Pixar's traditional Pizza Planet truck cameo, seen racing across the screen about three seconds in.

Cars 3 Pizza Planet Truck Easter Egg

First introduced to moviegoers in the original Toy Story film from 1995, the Pizza Planet truck has become a major Pixar calling card, appearing in every single one of the studio's films except for The Incredibles. Its appearance in the previous Cars films is, of course, a little different as, instead of standard truck, here it's sentient - and has now clearly moved into the racing arena. This is just one of many recurring hidden details Pixar put in their films, which they do with such regularity that some even suggest that all the studios' film are part of the same cinematic universe.

As for the rest of the clip, it highlights McQueen's journey back to the top, revealing that before getting back on the racetrack he'll have to get down and dirty with the underground circuit.

Cars has always proven to be a treasure trove of easter eggs, with many classic Pixar characters getting vehicular makeovers, so while it's a shame this particular cameo have been revealed ahead of time, there's sure to be more hidden details to come when the film is released in theaters next week.

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  • Cars 3 (2017) release date: Jun 16, 2017
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