Explosive New 'Cars 2' Trailer Burns Rubber

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We've spent a lot of time the last couple weeks detailing the new Toy Story short, Hawaiian Vacation, that will screen ahead of the next, inevitable, installment of the Pixar success streak, Cars 2.

Today, the upcoming feature from John Lasseter, and co-director Brad Lewis, takes center stage with an exciting new trailer featuring even more action packed international espionage... and talking cars.

Cars received Pixar's least enthusiastic reception from critics, though the film went on to gross two times its $120 million budget in US theaters alone. One of the biggest criticisms levied against the movie was a bloated mid-movie stall in Radiator Springs where, despite some fun slapstick shenanigans, the film's energy deflated.

Cars 2, on the other hand, not only propels Lightning McQueen and Mater onto the international racing scene - but into a James Bond-esque spy-story as well.

Check out the latest trailer for Cars 2:


Prior Cars 2 spots have certainly showcased the "international man of mystery" element, but the new trailer provides a compelling look at the sequel's bigger, action-packed, plot. New characters such as Michael Caine's Finn McMissile and Thomas Kretschmann's Professor Zündapp (the main antagonist this round) cleverly draw from spy-movie cliches - and add a much needed burst of variety to the cast (which was dominated by mostly podunk townsfolk types in the first film).

Additionally, the focus on Mater's mishaps across the pond give the comedy duo a lot more to work with this time out, allowing for the fan-favorite tow truck, voiced by Larry the Cable Guy, to get his own arc and character development - as opposed to the somewhat solitary, and traditional, character journey of superstar Lightning McQueen (who learned there is more to life than winning the race).

That said, if Cars 2 isn't action packed enough for your tastes, there's always the upcoming straight-to-DVD Cars spin-off, Planes to get your blood pumping.

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