The Complete 'Cars 2' (New) Character Guide

Cars 2 movie poster

Like combining peanut butter and chocolate, Disney and America's love of cars came crashing together this past summer as both worlds collided in Cars 2.

This time around the young racer Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson) leaves the confines of Radiator Springs and heads out on a worldwide adventure as he competes in the World Grand Prix. The three-part race takes place in Japan, Italy and England and introduces the audience to a slew of new characters from each country. However, in true Disney/Pixar fashion, none of these new characters come across as "cookie-cutter" as each of them have their own unique style and personality. The World Grand Prix is full of interesting new characters from slick European race cars to NASCAR-inspired muscle cars, while each country gets its own cast of unique and interesting support characters.

The World Grand Prix isn't the only thing of interest in Cars 2, as the lovable tow truck Mater (Larry the Cable Guy) is handed a piece of valuable intelligence by the American spy Rod "Torque" Redline (Bruce Campbell), which thrusts him into a world filled with spies and villains.

On the following pages you will find pictures and descriptions of each of the new Cars 2 characters divided into categories. Enjoy them all then let us know in the comments who your favorite new character is.

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