Carrie Fisher Wins 2018 Grammy Award For Best Spoken Word

Star Wars legend Carrie Fisher has won a posthumous Grammy award in the Best Spoken Word Album category. The past year was a highly emotional one for the actress' fans, after Fisher passed away in December 2016 due to complications from a heart attack. Moviegoers around the world continue to mourn the loss, while also celebrating Fisher's stellar career. Her final performance as General Leia Organa in The Last Jedi was seen by many as a fitting sendoff, as several scenes provided viewers with much-needed catharsis.

In addition to being an incomparable star in front of the camera, Fisher was a prolific writer, authoring several books in her lifetime. Her output in that realm consisted of four novels and three memoirs, including The Princess Diarist. Published in 2016, that book was based on diary entries a young Fisher kept while on the set of the original Star Wars film. Princess Diarist topped the New York Times Non-Fiction Best Sellers list in January 2017, and was also nominated for a Hugo Award. Now, its list of accolades grows by one as Fisher wins a Grammy.

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The Recording Academy made the announcement today during their premiere ceremony that takes place before the main event. Fisher was also nominated in this category in 2010 for her book Wishful Drinking, but lost to Michael J. Fox's Always Looking Up.

The Princess Diarist is certainly a worthy winner, as it offered readers a characteristically humorous and blunt look into Fisher's life before and after Star Wars became a bona fide phenomenon. In late 2016, the book generated plenty of headlines when it infamously revealed Fisher's decades-ago affair with Harrison Ford (Fisher expressed regret about making that public in interviews), but there was plenty of other interesting content within its pages. One chapter in particular explored Fisher's relationship with the enthusiastic Star Wars fan base and her feelings on pop culture celebrity, shedding light on the dynamic in a way only Fisher could. It's a must-read for admirers of the galaxy far, far away. The now award-winning audio book, narrated by the actress, might be the best way to experience it.

Fisher never won an Oscar or Emmy (though she was nominated for a Primetime Emmy thrice), so the Grammy win is a nice moment for fans, capping off a memorable career that touched and inspired so many. Her beloved "space twin" Mark Hamill was quick to celebrate the victory on social media, and he likely won't be alone in commemorating Fisher's accomplishment.

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Source: Recording Academy

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