EW Carrie Fisher Tribute Cover: The People's Princess


We may be just under a week into 2017, but the death of Star Wars icon Carrie Fisher is still something that’s weighing heavily on fans across the globe. The legendary actress passed away at the end of December, aged 60, after suffering a medical emergency during a flight to Los Angeles International Airport from London. Whilst she was kept in hospital for a few days following the incident, she eventually died, with her mother Debbie Reynolds going on to suffer a stroke. Reynolds then passed away just one day later.

Tributes have been pouring in for the actress and her mother since the news broke, with her co-stars throughout the decades taking to social media to talk about the kind of person Fisher was. Fans also came up with their own tributes, uniting within the Star Wars universe in video games and taking part in lightsaber vigils at Alamo Drafthouse locations. Now a gorgeous new tribute has been revealed in the form of a magazine cover.

Entertainment Weekly will be honoring Fisher with the release of a special tribute issue, featuring the People’s Princess front-and-center and promising to explore ‘The amazing life of a Star Wars icon’ within the issue’s pages. Mark Hamill, who plays Luke Skywalker in the episodic Star Wars movie has also penned an essay for the issue, saying a final goodbye to his long-time friend and colleague. EW have also honored late music star George Michael with the issue, with an alternate cover featuring the pop legend and an essential playlist in the magazine.

The classy and glossy cover is exactly the sort of tribute Fisher deserves. She was a beacon of light within the movie industry, with memories that are being shared with the public proving just how brilliant she must have been to work alongside. Fisher was a woman who was never afraid to look at herself and laugh. She was witty, quick and personable, with her relatability and personality a huge part of why she was so popular with fans around the world.


Knowing that Debbie Reynolds will also be remembered within the issue is another welcome touch. EW say that Reynolds’ life and film history will be explored, so expect the magazine to reflect on her days working with the likes of Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra.

Of course, this won’t be the last we see of the pair, with a HBO documentary in the pipeline and countless other tributes likely in the planning. Carrie and Debbie may have left their physical bodies, but their legacy, spirit and incredible careers are all something that are going to live on forever more.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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