Catastrophe Finale Honors Carrie Fisher

As tributes to Carrie Fisher continue to pour in from the Star Wars family, another project the actress wrapped prior to her untimely passing last year, the British TV series Catastrophe, bid farewell to the screen icon in its season finale Tuesday night. Fisher's passing on December 27th – compounded by the tragic loss of her film legend mother, Debbie Reynolds, the next day – was a shocker to the entertainment industry and fans all over the world.

While she finished filming her role as General Leia on Star Wars: The Last Jedi last year, Catastrophe officially marks Fisher's last acting appearance. Fisher shot scenes for the UK Channel 4 series just prior to her inbound flight from London in December, where she suffered her fatal heart attack.

The clip of the ironic funeral scene features the wicked, edgy humor Fisher came to be known for over the years in her writing, stage shows and acting roles outside of the Star Wars universe. The episode fittingly ended with a "For Carrie" tribute to Fisher.

While fans finally had their chance to farewell to Fisher's edgy supporting character in Catastrophe (which also streams on Amazon Prime in the U.S.), more heartbreak is ahead in the coming months leading up to the release of The Last Jedi. Star Wars Celebration in Orlando this month promises to be an emotional gathering of the saga's actors, filmmakers and stars, where, among other things, Mark Hamill has confirmed that he will be hosting a tribute to his late co-star.

The biggest impact will no doubt be felt come December 15 when The Last Jedi is released. With Fisher's scenes completed, Disney CEO Bob Iger said last month that the narrative of director Rian Johnson's film will not be altered to address Fisher's death. Johnson will have to confront the fate of Leia, however, as one of the co-writers on director Colin Treverrow's Episode IX, which is set for a May 2019 release. Since Disney pulled the option of creating a digital performance featuring Fisher off the table, some tough decisions lie ahead for the studio, including the idea of recasting the role of Leia.

No matter which route Disney decides to go, expect an even bigger outpouring of emotion with the presumed end of Luke and Leia's stories in Episode IX, which could be the official conclusion to one of the most legendary sagas in cinematic history.

Catastrophe is now streaming on Amazon Prime.

Sources: Digital Spy, Yahoo! UK Movies

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