The Cast Of Carrie (1976): Where Are They Now?

Based off the Stephen King novel of the same name, Carrie was the first Stephen King property to be turned into a film, but definitely not the last. The novel was published in 1974, with the movie following a mere two years later in 1976. Since that time, his properties have regularly been made into both feature films and television series, the most recent of which is Hulu's 11.22.63, which premieres in a month. Two remakes of Carrie have occurred - a 2002 made for television movie and a 2013 feature film - but neither of them lived up to the original, which was beloved by critics at the time. The film earned two Academy Award nominations and notably launched (or reinvigorated) the careers of several of its actors.

With this year being the original Carrie's 30 year anniversary, we thought it was a good time to check in with the cast. So here's What The Cast of Carrie Is Doing Now.

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10 Nancy Allen (Chris)

Nancy Allen plays Chris, one of the more vicious girls seen teasing Carrie at the beginning of the movie after Carrie gets her first period. When the girls are punished for their bullying, Chris is the one who gets most upset, and she vows to take revenge on Carrie. She is the one who develops and implements the prom prank with the help of her boyfriend, Billy.

While Nancy Allen worked regularly in the years following Carrie, she hasn't starred in anything since 2008's My Apocalypse (which was actually filmed in 1997 but not released because of funding). She's had guest roles on some pretty popular television series (including Law & Order: SVU), but her most recognizable role is as Officer Anne Lewis in the RoboCop franchise.

9 Amy Irving (Sue)

Amy Irving's character Sue also teases Carrie when she gets her period, but unlike most of the girls, she shows some remorse. In order to make it up to Carrie, Sue asks her boyfriend Tommy to take Carrie to the prom. When she realizes that Chris has other plans for prom night, she tries to put a stop to it, but it's already too late.

Amy Irving has mostly stared in smaller projects since Carrie's release, though she did earn an Oscar nomination for performance in 1983's Yentl. For a while, she was married to Steven Spielberg, who promised her the role of Marion Ravenwood in Raiders of the Lost Ark, but an untimely break up cost her the part. She's recently been seen in several popular television series, including Alias and Zero Hour. She's also scored guest spots in The Good WifeLaw & Order: SVU, and House, with her role as Phyllis Barsetto on The Good Wife being her most recent work.

8 P.J. Soles (Norma)

Norma, played by P.J. Soles, is another one of the girls who teases Carrie and is later punished by Miss Collins. While she's committed to helping Chris get revenge against Carrie after the girls get in trouble, she's not so committed that she's willing to miss getting banned from prom. Instead, she makes sure Carrie and Tommy win Queen and King. Norma's most notable quality is that she always wears a red hat.

P.J. Soles went on to become a little bit of a horror darling, starring in several horror movies and appearing at horror conventions. Immediately following Carrie, she starred in Halloween as Lynda van der Klok. Now, she mostly has smaller roles in independent horror films. Her most recently released film, in which she plays a minor role, is 2012's Butterfly Room, a horror film about a disturbing mother-daughter relationship.

7 William Katt (Tommy)

William Katt plays Tommy. His character originally planned to take Sue to the prom but is persuaded to take Carrie instead. He seems like a nice guy as he also sticks up for Carrie during an English class when the teacher teases her. Despite the fact that Carrie originally turns down his prom offer, he doubles down and refuses to take no for an answer, eventually getting his way and taking her to the dance.

William Katt is probably best known as the star of The Great American Hero, where he plays a teacher asked to be a superhero wearing an alien suit with powers. He's also done some voice work as Hawkman in both the Batman: The Brave and the Bold television series and video game. His most recently released film appearance was in 2014's The Unwanted, where he plays an overprotective father to a girl seduced by a young drifter.

6 Betty Buckley (Ms. Collins)

Ms. Collins, played by Betty Buckley, seems like the only adult in this movie to really have her act together. She sees a young girl getting bullied and takes an active interest in helping her, unlike most of the other adults in Carrie's life. Not only does she stop the girls in the beginning from attacking Carrie, she also attempts to teach the girls a lesson. And when she thinks Sue and Tommy are planning something, Ms. Collins tries to intervene.

After Carrie, Betty Buckley went on to star in a well-received ABC series called Eight is Enough before she made a name for herself on Broadway. She's received both Tony and Grammy Award nominations for her work in musicals, and she's still actively working on stage. She's also had several guest roles and recurring roles in recently popular television series, including HBO's OzLaw & Order: SVU, and Pretty Little Liars. Her most notable recent film was The Happening, which also starred Zooey Deschanel and Mark Wahlberg.

5 Priscilla Pointer (Mrs. Snell)

Priscilla Pointer plays Mrs. Snell, mom to Sue Snell. We first meet her when Carrie's mom pays her a visit to proselytize her beleifs. Her relaxed attitude and day drinking are in stark contrast to Mrs. White's fire and brimstone diatribes. To get Carrie's mom to go away, she gives her some money, but you get the feeling she feels bad for Carrie, since she suggests Carrie might want to come over and hang out with Sue.

Priscilla Pointer is actually the real life mother of Amy Irving (who plays her daughter Sue in the movie), and she has played her onscreen mother in three different movies, counting Carrie. In the 1980s, she acted in several big horror films, including A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors. She has had some guest spots on popular television series Cold Case and Judging Amy. However, her latest role was a voice part in a 2008 TV movie called Sweet Nothing in My Ear.

4 Sydney Lassick (Mr. Fromm)

Sydney Lassik's Mr. Fromm is basically the exact opposite of Ms. Collins. He's the teacher from our nightmares that adds to Carrie's teasing by making fun of her in class and allowing other students to the do the same. When Carrie calls Tommy's poem beautiful, he chastises her in front of the class.

Sydney Lassik passed away in 2003 at the age of 80. He worked regularly after his role on Carrie, but he is best known for his role as Charlie Cheswick in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. His last role was a smaller role in 2000's Vice - as a character named Mr. Wanorski.

3 John Travolta (Billy)

John Travolta's character is Billy, the boyfriend of angry teen girl Chris. Early on in the movie, she's able to pretty easily persuade him into helping her pull off the prank that ultimately leads to the "Black Prom." He and his friends are instrumental in acquiring the pig's blood, and he assists Chris in setting up the trap that'll allow them to drop the blood on Carrie.

John Travolta has gone on to become one of the most recognizable actors to come out of Carrie. He's starred in several major movies, earning Oscar nominations for his work in Pulp Fiction and Saturday Night Fever. His most recent film was Criminal Activities, which was released in November and received mixed reviews. Travolta will play Robert Shapiro (O.J. Simpson's lawyer) in the upcoming anthology crime series American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson television series.

2 Piper Laurie (Margaret White)

Margaret White is Carrie's mother - the unstable religious fanatic. Played by Piper Laurie, Margaret starts the movie by shaming her daughter for getting her period, calling it the "curse of blood" and claiming it was divine punishment for sin. As Carrie begins to develop powers and an interest in having a social life, Margaret grows more and more unstable, no longer believing that prayer will be enough to save Carrie.

Piper Laurie was nominated for an Oscar for her portrayal of Margaret White, which was her second nomination. While she's been in critically acclaimed films (like 1986's Children of a Lesser God), though most of her work post-Carrie has been in television. In fact, she went on to win a Golden Globe for her performance in Twin Peaks in 1991. Her most recent role was in Bad Blood... the Hunger, which opened on ten screens in 2012 and brought in under $2,000 on opening weekend.

1 Sissy Spacek (Carrie White)

Carrie, played by Sissy Spacek, is the titular character. She's a socially awkward teen who's bullied by her peers and teachers, with some even dubbing her Creepy Carrie. Her religious fanatic mother adds to the abuse, locking Carrie in a small room to pray after Carrie gets her period. As the teasing grows, Carrie begins to suspect she has telekinesis.

Sissy Spacek received her first Academy Award nomination for her performance in Carrie, and she went on to regularly have roles in movies and TV films post-Carrie. In 1981, she won an Oscar for her performance in Coal Miner's Daughter, and she has since been nominated four more times. She currently stars in the Netflix original drama Bloodline, which has been widely praised by critics. The show follows the Rayburn family and their beachside hotel in the Florida Keys, with Spacek playing Sally, the Rayburn matriarch.


So that's what the cast of Carrie has been up to in the last thirty years. What's your favorite post-Carrie actor? Which one do you think deserved more work? Let us know in the comments!

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