Carnival Row: 10 Questions That Need To Be Resolved In Season 2

Carnival Row's short eight-episode season left us with plenty of questions we'll hopefully get answers to when the series returns

Everyone is talking about Carnival Row right now, and with good reason. Amazon's latest original series is a dark neo-noir fantasy involving fairies, faun, and more magical creatures all vying for refuge and respite from the hatred of humankind. All eight episodes dropped over Labor Day weekend, and most of us finished binge-watching the series within a day or two. It's incredibly addicting.

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Luckily for us, Amazon has already given Carnival Row a season two order that we can't help but be excited for. That's a good thing since the short eight-episode season left us with plenty of questions that we'll hopefully get some answers to when the series returns.

10 What Happened to the Kobolds?

We meet Runyan Millworthy early on in the season. He was a dear friend of the first murder victim, Aisling. Mr. Millworthy is a performer and carts his wares around the Burgue, putting on performances with his kobold friends. Kobolds are small, adorable, goblin-like creatures. Millworthy is shown to be very fond of them. He even has names for each of them.

At one point, the kobolds are taken from him because he doesn't have a proper permit — the last we see of them, they're being deported on a ship out to sea. The season spent a great deal of time showing Millworthy doing plays with the kobolds, but never follows up on their storyline. Hopefully, we find out where they went in season two.

9 Where are Imogen and Mr. Agreus Headed?

By season's end, Imogen and Mr. Agreus have begun a romance. When Imogen's brother finds out, he's horrified. He attempts to murder Mr. Agreus. Imogen and the faun barely escape with their lives. They board one of Mr. Agreus's ships and set sail.

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Their destination is left unknown. When the captain asks where they would like to go, the only thing Imogen tells him is to ensure they're taken somewhere far away from the Burgue. Season two will establish the greater world of the series. It'll be exciting to see where they wind up.

8 What will happen to Darius?

Darius is one of Philo's oldest friends. He is bitten by a werewolf during the war and turns into one. At present, he lives out his days in a cell in the Burgue police department. Philo regularly visits him. He claims the only reason he is being kept alive is because of Philo. Now that the truth about Philo's true nature has been revealed, what will happen to Darius?

There is a strong possibility he will be killed or, at the very least, shoved into exile. The last thing the fae need is a wild werewolf on the loose but hopefully, Philo and Darius can reunite and find a solution.

7 What Is The Pact, And What Do They Want?

The Pact is mentioned multiple times throughout the first season of Carnival Row. They appear to be a universal threat with both humans and fae terrified of them. The problem is, we never find out precisely what the Pact is or who controls them or what they want. It seems like the Pact is a group of werewolves that use a special serum to force their change at will.

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We know they were part of the war that forced the fae to flee from Tirnanoc but beyond that, we don't get many specifics about them. It's hard to understand their villainous nature without more backstory.

6 What Happened To The Ravens?

After being forced out of the Spurnrose residence, Vignette has to find a new place to go in the Burgue. Tourmaline turns her on to a vigilante group of fae known as the Ravens. Initially, it appears the Ravens and their fierce leader, Dahlia, will be an essential part of the season. But once Vignette kills the mole in the operation, we don't see them again.

Dropping this plotline felt strange and unfinished. It would be nice to see them return in season two. Perhaps they could even become allies in the dire circumstances, especially once they learn Philo is half-fae and not a groundling.

5 What Was The Deal With The Lots?

As part of Vignette's consignment in the Ravens, she is put in charge of lots. It was Hamlyn's job before his death. But we never learn what exactly the lots are, what the purpose is, or what they win. We can guess they're a type of lottery system, we see many faes take part in it, but then it's never spoken of again.

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Carnival Row is a vibrant and layered world. It's clear the writers had lots of content to add in and sometimes the smaller bits got muddled. Season two will give them a chance to explore some in greater detail.

4 Who is the Hidden God?

Towards the end of the season, a side-story begins about a cult consisting of fauns. They self-flagellate themselves while walking through the streets of the Burgue and worship a mysterious Hidden God. It doesn't appear that Piety's Darkasher was their god, which means they are worshiping something we haven't met yet.

The cult proves itself a threat by the finale when one of them brutally attacks the Chancellor. It looks like the cult is shaping up to be a much bigger storyline in the second season of the series.

3 What Happened To Portia?

At the beginning of the series, Philo and Portia were something of a couple. They were sleeping together despite Philo being one of the tenants in Portia's inn. Eventually, Philo decides he might move on from Vignette with Portia. He opens up to her about his secret, but she betrays him.

However, Portia ultimately feels guilty and says she made up the entire half-fae thing out of anger. After that, we don't see her again. Was she merely in the show to act as a plot device? If so, it seems strange she had a few character development scenes outside of Philo's world. We do wonder if we'll see her again.

2 Will We See More Magical Creatures In Season Two?

Season one primarily focuses on fauns and fairies in terms of the members of fae that exist in the Carnival Row universe. However, we see other creatures around such as the kobolds as mentioned earlier, centaurs, and even witches. We never met an actual centaur character, and it's implied there are even more creatures out there.

Trows are mentioned multiple times, but we don't meet one in the first eight episodes. The writers intend to expand the world even more in season two, so we should see more creatures too.

1 What Are Sophie and Jonah Planning To Do Now?

One of the most surprising characters in Carnival Row is Sophie Longerbane. She comes from out of nowhere midseason and steals the show. We find out she was the one who put the entire series into action by sending the original blackmail letter to the Chancellor that lead Piety to find out about Philo's existence.

It's not unlike how Lady Arryn's letter started the Game of Thrones plot. But now Jonah is Chancellor, he and Sophie are in a weird incestuous relationship and the opposition is united. What are they planning for the Row and the Brugue next?

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