Fan-Made Carnage Poster Teases The Venom Spinoff We Need

With the Venom film arriving later this year, a new fan poster shows another Spider-Man character that needs to make it over to the world of movies: Carnage. Carnage appears in all his glory on the poster, making fans wish for a spinoff movie featuring the iconic Symbiote in live action.

In the comics, Carnage is like Venom, a member of an amorphous extraterrestrial race known as Symbiotes. Members of this species act like parasites and infect other beings. Carnage, though, tends to choose hosts that are serial killers and villains, which means he is often depicted as not only an archenemy of Spider-Man, but also of Venom. When comic book writer David Michelinie created Carnage, he intended to make a character much darker than Venom, a character that was more of a psychopath with no sense of morality.

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Syndicateprimes posted a fan-made poster for a Carnage movie on Instagram. That means this graphic is not real, but it's certainly the kind of movie that Marvel fans would love to see. The design of the poster makes it look almost legitimate, which makes sense since it's based on the official Venom poster, save for the fact that it is based on something that does not exist. Yet.

Although rumors suggested Carnage would play a large role as the villain of the Venom movie, it seems Sony decided to go a different route. However, Sony did cast Woody Harrelson in a role many believe to be Cletus Kasady aka. Carnage, though word has it the role is a small one and Venom will face different villains during his origin story - namely, the Life Foundation. The potential introduction of Kasady, though, does mean there is some interest in the character, so perhaps if it goes over well, a Carnage movie is next, or at least a Venom vs. Carnage film.

Meanwhile, Sony is gearing up for the Venom movie, which stars Tom Hardy as the Symbiote. The film already has the most viewed trailer in the Spider-Man franchise, and it seems it's exactly the kind of movie Marvel fans really want. It's about time fans get to see some classic Spider-Man villains on the big screen, and Sony seems to want to give that to moviegoers. With Carnage likely appearing in Venom, perhaps Sony is testing the waters to see if fans are interested in that character for a solo movie, which he well deserves - though it's more likely he's being set up as a villain for a potential sequel.

For now, fans can enjoy this fan-created poster and hope Sony pays attention.

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Source: Syndicateprimes

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