The Carnage WEREWOLF Finally Comes To Marvel Comics

Marvel Cult of Carnage Werewolf

The Marvel Man-Wolf Gets Carnage-ized

The history of John Jameson is both lengthy and strange, beginning with his encounter with a strange mystical gem on a mission to the Moon (not as a superhero, just a standard astronaut). The moon crystal caused him to transform into a creature known as the Man-Wolf, Marvel's own version of a werewolf. In the modern age of comics, Jameson would join up with federal law enforcement, and with his innate experience as both a human and superhuman, ended up crossing paths with Carnage and other symbiote suspects more often than most.

The problems begin in Cult of Carnage instantly, when John Jameson is found unconscious, naked, and babbling about the approach of God. Worse? He's the only living person left in Doverton. John recounts his investigation upon being discovered, which started thanks to the only other citizen of the town seemingly aware that things are getting... weird. And by 'weird,' we mean followers of Carnage are harvesting spinal symbiote specimens from animals and corpses. Things go from bad to worse when the cultists come for this last survivor, whom John finds screaming for help in the town's church--on a sacrificial altar before Carnage and his new cult recruits.

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The joke is on John Jameson, since it appears to have been a plan set in motion to bring him into the clutches of Carnage. As John begins to transform into his werewolf form and save an innocent man, the Carnage symbiotes reach out to take over his body. They want the Man-Wolf, and with nobody to back Jameson up... they get it.

Marvel Comics Carnage Werewolf

The image of the Man-Wolf being covered and infected with symbiote direct from the Carnage sacrifice isn't one easily forgotten. As the followers of Carnage (or Knull, of which they now see him as a manifestation) proclaim that their dark god doesn't have a werewolf yet, the memories end for John Jameson... and for a terrible reason that is only explained in the final pages. Thankfully, the readers get to find out exactly what happened next.

To cut to the chase on that plot beat, Carnage's 'son' the Spider-Man Doppelganger starts ripping out spines, and offering them up to Carnage directly. So why did Carnage and his top lieutenants decide to infect John Jameson rather than consume him too? It seems he may have a far worse fate in store.

The Carnage Werewolf is Waiting For 'God'

John Jameson Carnage Werewolf Comic

Fans haven't seen the last of the Carnage Werewolf, Carnage-Wolf, Were-Carnage-Wolf, or whatever name he eventually gets. The last memory John Jameson has of the terrible night--before waking up naked in a town of spineless followers--is the crowd's chants of "God is Coming. God is Coming." But what John doesn't remember is that he also chanted the mantra in his Man-Wolf form before losing consciousness.

And as John leaves the town of Doverton behind, a glimpse of the spiral insignia of a Knull-connected symbiote shines in his pupils. Which means when the Absolute Carnage comic event begins this summer, the Carnage-ized Werewolf may be able to strike by total surprise. We can't wait.

Web of Venom: Cult of Carnage #1 is available now from your local comic book store, or direct from Marvel Comics.

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