The Carnage WEREWOLF Finally Comes To Marvel Comics

Carnage Comic Cover Wall Crawling

Warning: SPOILERS for Web of Venom: Cult of Carnage #1

Carnage has claimed plenty of heroes and villains throughout the Marvel Universe, but he may have just transformed his coolest creation yet. Marvel fans, it's time to meet the Carnage Werewolf.

The symbiote bonded to Cletus Kasady is unquestionably most famous as a supervillain to Spider-Man, turning even Venom into a superhero by comparison. And considering that Carnage is a walking, slicing, cackling, cannibalistic nightmare, the classification makes sense. But if told from his perspective, the story of Carnage is one of conquest, sacrifice, resurrection, and now, godhood. There's also a fair bit of madness running throughout... a point made perfectly clear in Carnage's latest recruit to his symbiote army: Marvel's most well known werewolf. Carnage-ized, of course.

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Carnage is Making an Army of Followers

Carnage Werewolf John Jameson Comic

If fans of Spider-Man, Venom, or Carnage have been sleeping on the ongoing story of Cletus Kasady's death, resurrection, and rise to divinity, the story isn't actually too far along to hop on board. Shortly after Eddie Brock went to war with Knull, the Symbiote God in the pages of his Venom series, it was revealed that the god's cry had been heard throughout all symbiotes he had created, along with their hosts.

When a cult of believers in the new Dark God (which, to be fair, Knull actually is) brought Carnage back to life using a sample of symbiote from Knull himself, the psychopath won out for control of their massive body. It was then that the bombshell was dropped: every symbiote host carries a trace of the hive mind, connected all the way back to Knull's divine power. Carnage being Carnage, his mission was instantly clear: kill every Marvel character ever bonded with a symbiote. Which is where Web of Venom: Cult of Carnage comes in.

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Carnage Wants a Werewolf in His Symbiote Army

Carnage Werewolf in Marvel Comic

If you're Carnage, in need of symbiote specimens residing in the spinal columns of former hosts, there's no better place than Doverton, Colorado. As ground zero for the Carnage, U.S.A. series back in 2011, almost all life in the town was infected and controlled by Carnage. That means dozens, possibly hundreds of symbiote pieces to digest now that Carnage knows they're tiny morsels of Knull. And in hindsight, it wasn't the smartest idea for the F.B.I. to send John Jameson to investigate. Not only does the son of The Daily Bugle's J. Jonah Jameson have a history with Carnage and the Doverton infection, guaranteed to make him a target, but he's also... a werewolf.

Yes, it's a little complicated to explain. But stick with us because it all pays off with the birth of a Carnage-infected werewolf, which is almost as satisfying to see as it is to read. Needless to say, SPOILERS for Cult of Carnage incoming...

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