What To Expect From Carmen Sandiego Season 3

What’s the status of Carmen Sandiego season 3? Will it happen soon, or will there be a movie first? Here's everything we expect moving forward.

Carmen Sandiego Season 2

Carmen Sandiego season 3 could happen, and its story will certainly be exciting if it does. The animated Netflix series is the latest installment of Broderbund’s popular franchise. Carmen Sandiego season 2 further explores the title character’s origin story, and how she evolved into a professional thief.

Carmen Sandiego, the character, is voiced by Gina Rodriguez. The series begins with the protagonist being educated at the Isle of V.I.L.E. In the present, a more self-aware Carmen attempts to connect the dots about V.I.L.E.’s questionable mining operation, and reaches out to A.C.M.E.’s head honcho, The Chief (Dawnn Lewis), for assistance, much to the chagrin of hacker pal Player (Finn Wolfhard). Carmen Sandiego season 3 builds to a huge revelation about Carmen’s backstory, most notably what happened to her mother and father.

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In Carmen Sandiego season 2, the title character receives a bit of shocking news from Shadow-san (Paul Nakauchi), which essentially sets up another season. Here’s what to expect from Carmen Sandiego season 3, including its potential release date and story details.

The Upcoming Carmen Sandiego Movie

Carmen Sandiego and Gina Rodriguez

In March 2018, Netflix announced a Carmen Sandiego live-action film starring Rodriguez. The news preceded the premiere for Carmen Sandiego season 1 by approximately nine months. Now that Carmen Sandiego season 2 has come and gone, it’s still unclear if the feature film will explore the title’s character new family-themed adventure, as established by the latest episodes, or if will pick up after Carmen Sandiego season 3. 

Carmen Sandiego Season 3 Renewal

Carmen Sandiego TV Show

As for Carmen Sandiego season 3, Netflix hasn’t yet green-lit new episodes. The first two seasons were part of the streaming service’s initial series order, so there’s a possibility that the movie will indeed wrap up the story. But if the film does well, Netflix would presumably then order Carmen Sandiego season 3.

Carmen Sandiego Season 3 Release Date

Carmen Sandiego Paris

At this point, fans can expect Netflix to make some type of announcement about Carmen Sandiego season 3, or the movie, before the end of 2019, which would align with their usual assessment period after new seasons end. If Carmen Sandiego season 3 does happen, it would most likely release in 2021.

Carmen Sandiego Season 3 Story Details

Carmen Sandiego TV Show Season 1

Carmen Sandiego season 2 ends with Shadow-san revealing that he was assigned to killed a V.I.L.E. faculty member known as Dexter Wolfe, Carmen’s father. After experiencing the joy of fatherhood, Dexter planned to leave V.I.L.E., thus ensuring that several people would be after him. Shadow-san also reveals that The Chief killed Carmen’s father, which builds towards a climactic moment when Player manages to hack V.I.L.E. and confirm various rumors.

Whatever happens next - the movie or Carmen Sandiego season 3 - Rodriguez’s character will certainly be after her “one true enemy,” The Chief. But there’s another twist at the end of Carmen Sandiego season 2, as Carmen learns that her mother’s alleged death was faked, simply to protect her from Dexter’s actions. Carmen Sandiego season 3 will likely be all about family, justice, and redemption, along with Chase Devineaux’s newly-ordered contract to hunt down Carmen.

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