Carla Gugino Gets A 'Sucker Punch' From Zack Snyder

It has been announced that Carla Gugino (Sin City, Watchmen) has joined the cast of Zack Snyder's upcoming action-fantasy flick, Sucker Punch. Gugino joins the previously announced Emily Browning (who replaced Amanda Seyfried), Vanessa Hudgens, Abbie Cornish, Jena Malone and Jamie Chung (the latter two replacing Emma Stone and Evan Rachel Wood). All of them, excluding Gugino, are currently in fight training.

Sucker Punch is about a teenage girl known as Baby Doll (Browning), who is sent to a mental institution by her evil stepfather who plans to have her lobotomized in 5 days. Before that happens, the girl and her fellow female inmates and friends enter into an alternate reality to try and plan their escape from the institution. Gugino will play Mrs. Schultz, some sort of adult figure within the institution (I'm guessing a doctor or some other sort of authority figure).

Gugino is one of those actresses that pops up here, there and everywhere in the movies. From well-known comic book adaptations to smaller indie films, she's almost always a pleasure to watch on-screen (in more ways than one). I'm looking forward to seeing her work with Snyder again after appearing in Watchmen earlier this year.

I am interested to see what Snyder has in store for us with his first truly original movie (everything he's worked on so far has been some sort of adaptation). He's written the script, as well directing the film, so that, plus the fact that (so far) it has an all-female cast, makes me excited to see how it'll turn out.

We need more women kicking ass in Hollywood - having the guy who made 300 and Watchmen give us bucket loads of that can't be a bad thing in my eyes.

What do you think of Gugino joining Sucker Punch? Are you looking forward to this movie?

Instead of the previous release date of October 8th, 2010, Sucker Punch was recently pushed back to March 25th, 2011. Shooting is set to start this Fall in Vancouver.

Source: THR via FirstShowing

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